In the beginning….

Originally I had planned to start a blog exploring, inspiring and documenting my love for everything vintage, girly and domesticated. Being pregnant I thought it would be a great opportunity to embrace the lady I worked so hard at becoming.

I wanted to be able to be creative and have an outlet to the outside world as I enter motherhood for the first time. Sharing recipes, exercise tips and tracks, even beauty and make-up (I didn’t write my Intetnational Beauty Certificate for nothing).

I was due December 2nd 2017 but all that changed on October 16, 2017. I was an undiagnosed expectant mother with pre-enclampasia and unfortunately on October 16, 2017 I turned eclampsia which only 1% of pregnancies suffer from and then out of that 1% die from which I had a life threatening seizure that morning. This is now my journey of how I survived and how I am now the mother of healthy baby boy. Eventually I am sure I will come full circle and get back to the blog I intended. But for now it’s important to share my storey and educate other women about their pregnancy and bodies to recognize the signs when something goes wrong. My body was warning me for months but my OB-GYN failed me. I am lucky that I can share my storey just like I am lucky I get to hold my son. I don’t ever want a female in this day and age to go through what I did. So here is my storey….

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