One year anniversary

Yesterday was my one year anniversary. Its such an incredible feeling for over 20 years I struggled. I dated guys who didn’t deserve me, I didnt realize my self worth. I was stolen from, abused both mentally, physically and sexually. I may have drank too much and hung out with bad people. I tried every dating site: tinder, match, POF and eharmony. All with very bad experiences and heartbreak. I was ready to give up.

I decided to give it one more chance. Luckily I did. Fast forward a year and I am sitting here holding my 3 week son, in the home I share with my husband, living a life I have always dreamed of.

The rode may have gotten bumpy and I took alot of detours but I never gave up. I never stopped believing in the life I really wanted to live. Now I get to share my storey and hopefully inspire others (at least just one).

Life is beautiful and is so amazing. Never stop striving for the life you deserve…I didn’t ❤


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