First week of motherhood…

Well we survived our first week. You can never feel ready for motherhood, and I sure wasn’t. It took 3 days to meet my son because I was in ICU in recovery. So with that it also took 3 days to name him. It was sure annoying when the hospital staff kept asking what his name was. Well I sure as heck not going to name somebody I haven’t met.

With all the anxiety that came with being a new mom, there was also the panick of not being prepared and being robbed of 7 weeks of preparation.

I also had no idea how hectic being a mother was, diaper changes, feeding every 3 hours, diapers, burping, baths, appointments…

I need to find a way to balance. I really want to become a domesticated diva. I want to take care of my family with clean house, great food, lots of love and compassion. I really want to focus on living the best life possible because lets be real I was giving second chance ❤ I love my life and I love my family. Throw in a few great friends and my life is perfect.

I am slowly adjusting to motherhood and my husband is amazing. Helping with changes, burping, sterilization and helping keep a clean house. Part of the reason why this week was so good was because of him. I am definetly one lucky girl.

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  1. Wow, what changed, what a change, I am so damn Sorry that there was such a change, it would have been perfect had that change not taken place Ruby, I really am so very Sorry for you.


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