Three Hours

It’s amazing what you learn to fit into three hours and how your life revolves around the simplicity of those hours. A nice relaxing set of 3 hours looks like this: baby starts crying. You pick him up, change, feed, burp, rock to sleep lay down, pump, sit down only to repeat it all again.

Then theres’s the times when there’s spit ups, dr appointments, sanitizing, bathing, me sleeping and eating. Not to mention the visits, cleaning, cooking, baking and laundry I find myself in disbelief just imagining the time I thought this would be breezy. Its far from breezy.

I fully understand the value of naps and with practice I have been able to push my feeds apart to every 4 hours during the night. I find myself getting more and more comfortable going outside the 3 hours feeding (which is what the discharge nurse advised us). I took what was on those discharge papers as gospel. Whatever it took to get my boy healthy. Looks like we are doing ok. My new challenge and goal is to incorprate more of the domesticated stuff I thought I would have time to focus on. I think I am almost a master of this 3 to 4 hour loop I find myself on. Motherhood is sure a challenge everyday I am learning more about everything around me. It sure is different than anything I could have ever imagined but without a doubt the most rewarding experience thus far.


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