Day Two

Hello 2018! This year is going to be way different for me then most. The most obvious…I am a mom. What a journey it took to be here. The start of the year is always a good time to set out goals. Yes I got on the scale, yes it was hard so yes it will be a goal of mine in 2018. Not only to look good this car show season 🙂 (I may do a few pinup pagents as well) but the main reason is to be healthy for my son. The diet will take some time to change but I will make small changes as I go. My daily goal is a 10 min yoga, a 7 minute HIIT workout that I can do at home and to start reading at least one chapter a day.

One thing that I found worked was my vision board. When I started thinking about the life I want and what it looks like it really helped me catipult into the life I wanted. It is definetly time for another one.

I have also slowly started incorporating things I love into my day to day routine. On top of getting my mind and body healthy I did a little sewing. Something I loved as a child. I redid our chairs (which I absolutely love!! Who doesn’t love pink and white polka dots.) And I sewed my first circle skirt. It is a little short and the fabric isn’t ideal but I finished it!

The only other key focus of 2018 is my relationship. It has been such a tough journey. We just met November 2017 and add in marriage and a baby and things are pretty high stress. The more days that go by the more obvious it becomes how much work goes into a relationship. On top of everything keeping a clean house is very important to my husband so I need to be mindful of that. Throw in our late night feedings and it seems I am always right under my husband’s skin. I am not good ay being woken up in fact I am a very angry bear. The worst part is I don’t know I am doing this. I get angry, I call him names I am an absolute terror. Why not add in one more thing right? For now I will keep making positive changes, keep love in my heart and never stop giving my best ❤

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