Thankful <3

There is something to be said when you are with someone who completely adores you. Since the birth of our son we have been pretty much together 24/7. Most relationships wouldnt fare so well but ours has seemed to have thrived.

Relationships have always been hard for me. I am irrational, hard to deal with at times and impulsive. I know going into the fall of last year I longed for a family but could never find somebody I clicked with. I tried every dating app went on countless dates but the one thing I refused to waiver on was how I wanted to be treated. I never really thought about that before but when I moved to Calgary I just wanted everybody in my life to be proud of me, to see I was capable of change that I didnt need a man to define me.

What I found was a man who really brought out the best in me. He was kind, patient and oh so loving and really truly wanted to see me happy. Before I met him I created a vision board with family being the focal point. What I got in just a few short months was a dream husband and a more than perfect son and of course 4 more cats 🙂

I found a man who lets me sleep during the night while he watches our son. Last night he walked with our son in his arms for six hours trying to calm him. Yes my husband would wake me but that was solely to breast pump ( I would much rather be breast feeding but we are fortifying his milk to help him gain weight as he is still super tiny). The only other thing he would ask was for me to hold our son so he could have a smoke or pee.

I found a man who is happiest when I am happiest. He supports all the things I want to try. I wanted to start sewing so he took me to Michael’s and bought me scissors and rulers and everything I needed. He watched you-tube videos with me and helped me pick out fabric and even helped me thread the bobbin on my old Janome.

I have been trying to “revamp” my look as I havent done so in a bit so he takes me thrifting to see what I can find and add. He knows my likes, wants and desires and tries everyday to make him smile.

He’s been asleep for only two hours and I sure hope he sleeps for way more. I am rocking our son thankful to have found such a loving partner. At one time I had lost hope in finding a loving partner but the life I have now makes me thankful that I didnt.

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