Last nights Grammies was very moving on so many levels. I asked a friend earlier in the night if he was going to watch to which he said, “I have better things to do than watch a bunch of famous people celebrate themselves.”

Well that maybe true and yes maybe we aren’t all going to be rich and famous but we all do deserve to live our best version of life possible.

We all deserve to wake up each morning filled with so much happiness and peace that it determines our wealth on a much more even scale than what is in our bank accounts. And yes that financial wealth makes it alot easier to stand up in the #metoo movement. In one sense it is amazing to see so many wealthy, famous and well respected ladies come forward and talk about their abuse but that leads to an even more urgent #metoo movement. The one where the average female who doesn’t have the means to come forward because there is no support and we are still being slut shamed into silence.

It is a sad world we live in where men (how can we call them that) in our community have these underground facebook groups that encourage abuse, assault and basically favours the derogatory treatment and comments of females. There’s pictures, videos and even links of girls and their dating app profiles so other guys have an easier time finding their next victims. Some #metoo movement when you can guarantee our girls in our schools are growing up with boys like this and are constantly being targeted.

So yes I found the Grammy’s to be motivational and inspiring with amazing performances by Pink, Lady Gaga and of course Kesha (not to mention all the others) but when it is immediately followed with acknowledgement that secret boys groups like this exist talking about rape, abuse and sharing girls it just becomes really clue how truly far behind we are in this #metoo movement. As women we do need to come together and stop it from being ok to be treated like this. We all deserve the best life possible with nothing more than love and respect because we all deserve that.


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