Monday Blues?

I guess my coping skills are getting a whole lot better. I try very hard to be positive every day and its very easy for me to start spiralling negatively.

Well the first thing that started this week was I spilled 200 ml of breast milk. I know no big deal right? Well kindof just a little. I am trying to get my supply back up with some saved in the freezer because I used up all my backup over the holidays with all the stress. Alright if that is all that is going to happen we got this right?

So as I am getting ready for my therapist appointment my husband comes in laughing telling me to look at the snot my son wiped on his ear. I looked down….uhmmm no hun that’s coming from his ear. We wiped it up thinking maybe it was just his ear canal kicking in and no fluid built back up so we went on with his day.

I stayed at home with our son while my husband went to visit his mom. We both tried to book a Drs appt with our family Dr and no answer but were able to book with the pediatrician on Friday. He showed a picture of what is ear looked like to his mom and she was like Oh no son that’s an ear infection you need to see a Dr. My husband rushed home and took us to a Dr we love in a walk in clinic downtown. We barely waited, one quick peek and the Dr told us to go to Children’s hospital immediately because the amount of fluid is an indication that his ear drum ruptured.

Rushing to Children’s hospital we were filled with so many emotions. How could we not have noticed. He was such a good baby. He barely cries. Loves to smile and use his voice hoe can he not hear? Worst case scenario right? Even I know that thinking this was will be of no benefit to any of us.

Sitting in the Children’s Hospital with a 2.5 hour wait ahead of us I noticed this 12 year old girl with her mom. The mom was on the phone and you can here the desperation in her voice. I guess two nights before her daughter tried to kill herself. They waited at the hospital from 7am till 3pm and nobody would see her daughter because she was still alive and they couldnt help her with her mentap health because she wasnt an adult and told her to take her daughter to the children hospital. I am not sure which hospital she was at originally and it doesn’t matter. I looked at my son thankful that he only had an ear infection. Even breast pumping in the back of my frozen car I was thankful for my son.

When we got into see the Dr he was absolutely lovely. He looked very carefully and attentively at my son and called him Mister ( which I loved as I call my son Mister cuz hes my lil man). After removing some of the fluid and looking in hid ear he sent us home with antibiotics and told us to keep our Drs appointment on Friday.

Our sons ear seems to be a hundred times better and I cant believe how much happier he is. He sleeps longer, smiles more and laughs and coos alot. I cant help but feel blessed even though my week progressively got worse as it went on.

Stay tuned for how the rest of my week went….


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