What else could go wrong?

So after a super stressful day filled with Dr’s and hospitals I was loving the idea of a nice relaxing day. Other than giving our son his antibiotics 3 times a day nothing much has changed. Well other than the added bonus of him sleeping more throughout the night.

The day went on like it normally did my morning yoga, my home workout and even most of my 10,000 steps were logged. We made some breakfast together ( I am still pretty lucky my husband has been around helping) and my hubby was going to watch him so I could sew. I started to sew a headband I was working on when my husband noticed our cat Gus was sitting in the litter box trying to pee but couldn’t. For those of you who don’t know male neutered cats are prone to 3 different crystals all stemming from their diet and stress and of course the hereditary aspect. We feed them what we thought was high quality food so no worries there.

We decided to separate Gus from the others (we have 6 cats in total) to watch to see if he was able to urinate. We are both pretty good at seeing what needs to be done and working together to get there. Not wanting to see him in pain we set up our second camera and went on Gus watch to wait for him to pee. Checking in on him struggling he started to become aggressive so we rushed him to the vet.

I of course stayed at home with our little peanut while my husband rushed off to the 24 hr hospital. On his way he called because we both knew that we needed to set a limit of how much we would spend to save him. It was heartbreaking.

After the vet took a look at him (it wasn’t busy luckily) he explained our next course of action:

1. Give him medication to dilate his urethra and see if the crystals would pass. 2. Insert a catheter to help relieve his bladder ( he was only half full so we caught it early) 3. Put him down.

The first option was only $400 so that seemed reasonable. The second option ranged from 1200 to 1900 depending on how many hospital visits he needed. And the 3 option wasn’t even an option yet. Which did you know that 80% of all of these cases results in their owners putting them down. Absolutely awful. In addition his food needed to be changed immediately to a stress and crystal reducing formula and we needed to add more litter boxes. We also have two running fountains and will be adding one more. And adding more wet food to their diet. The addition of moisture in their diet is super important. Lucky for Gus he was on mprphine immediately for the pain so at least he couldn’t feel it.

My husband got home around 11pm and it was really hard not to feel scared and sad. I had to keep it together for my family and it was super hard for me to do so. We chose option 1 so at 3am we called the vet back, we didn’t get the news we were hoping for. He was going to need a catheter, it was going to cost more money. And with a newborn and being on maternity finances were tight.

We weren’t ready to let him go so we went ahead with option 2. This meant a 2nd overnight. We went to visit our lil Gus Guy at the vet. He was hissing and scared and he had two shaved paws and tale. Not wanting to upset him we only stayed for a few minutes and went home.

At about 11pm that night we got the all clear to bring Gus home on the condition we monitor him and make sure he pees.

So in addition to a newborn who needs medication 3 times a day we have a cat who needs 3 different types of meds twice a day. Gus also can’t eat the Orijens ( the vet mentioned this is what caused hid crystals) so not wasting the food we bought we have to seperate Gus when they eat and only put the Orijens down when it’s controlled. To say I am excited for mt husband to go back to work is a drastic understatement I had no idea how hectic being a stay at home mom can be. I wonder what else is in store for us.


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