My 3 legged wonder <3

Watching my husband take our 2nd cat to the vet with a urinary problem because of this Orijen food is heartbreaking. He just left right now. Luckily for me my son in sleeping. I am alone and my heart hurts. Being faced with another huge vet bill I know we can’t afford is breaking my heart. I can’t stoo the tears from falling. My family as I know it is being shattered. Everything I love and cherish is slowly beginning to crumble down around me. My heart hurts so much seeing my second cat suffer.

My Herbert my 3 legged wonder who just last year was dragging around a dead leg that immediately had to be amputated when he was found. He stole our heart with his openness to love no matter the obstacle. You see Herbert was born with both sex oragans so not only was he neutered he was spayed. In my head I was hoping that maybe just maybe his female sex organs connected to his bladder.

It is so hard not to feel anger or hurt because we seem to be constantly tested. We isolated Herbert from the others to see if he was peeing (and he was but just a little) and we just couldn’t watch him suffer so my husband took him in. 80% of all males going in get surrendered then euthanized because of the vet bill. There are no words. I have none…I just needed a way to express my pain.

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