Losing a friend πŸ’”

When it rains it pours is the favourite saying and it sure feels that way. My best friend messaged me saying she was having to put her dog down on Saturday and my heart sank.

I will never forget the first day I met her. She was a bigger breed and I have always been super nervous around bigger dogs. My bestie knowing this kept us apart because we didnt want her doggy feeding off of my nervous energy. The night continued and we were all laughing and smiling then the room got silent. My friends eyes were as wide as saucers as I turned to see her dog was sitting beside me. My whole body went cold with fear and doggy just stared. Time froze as we waited for who made the first move. All of a sudden her dog moved towards me, she started kissing me so I hugged her back. The smiling and laughing continued as me and her became instant bed friends.

Lots of evenings were spent hanging out together even a few holidays. All that changed when I moved to Calgary visits became scarce. Now that my best friend is 100s of miles away and she needs me it makes this distance so much harder. It is so hard to find the right words to ease some of the pain of losing a loved one. I try to wrap my head around that she is gone but it’s hard. She was part of their family, she made the house feel full. I love them all so much that I just wish I could be there. All I can do is send some love and positive energy her way and remember how amazing she truly was. Pitbull will always be in my heart, she was my best friend and I will always miss and love her and wish I had one last hug.


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