It’s been a few days since I posted but my heart, mind and soul have been reeling. When I see the struggles that some of us endure my anxiety hits an all time high. I feel sad for the

way that I was just trying to survive. I feel even more awful when I see bad things happen to amazing people. It’s hard to understand why the universe would work in this way. People around me are losing parents, spouses, friends and even pets. I am forced to think how would I feel if these people were taken away from me. At times its hard to catch myself from falling, from feeling sad and missing people. I do have an amazingly blessed life now and my heart breaks when I hear of others pain.

There are people I long to laugh and smile with one more time. I miss their hugs and loving embrace. I give so much blind faith that one day all the pieces will fall into place and everything will be as it should. I don’t want any regrets anymore. I want to love those that I have been missing. I want to create and recreate memories be rekindling the passion I had before the world force me to realize how precious every living moment is.

Being able to embrace that fear and coldness of being alone will also make it so we appreciate every moment we do share. This year is going to be alot of embracing my true authentic self while creating memories with all those I love and miss so dear.


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