Social Media detox

Oh Mondays. A time to get ready for the week ahead. Set goals and make progress. Over the last 2 weeks I took a semi social media break. I deleted facebook off of my phone as I found the easy access to online trolling was monopolizing my day. Well not entirely of course my son has and always will be my number one priority what I needed was to make myself and my relationship my top priorities.

Always worrying and reading too much into every situation was really affecting my mood. I didn’t want to completly shut down my facebook account just make it a little harder to access.

It is amazing how freeing it is to just unplug. I got so much baking, cleaning and housework done. I also had the opportunity to just unwind and focus on what is important to me. My goal is to keep off facebook for at least a month and then just use it to connect when I have time by using my laptop. The way it used to be before social media took over.

I miss the days of phone calls and social visits instead of status updates but that’s just how the world is. I do love posting pics and sharing my storey though so it is a catch 22. So for now I will stay unplugged from facebook, hopefully update my blog more regularly and of course keep posting pics on my instagram 🙂 (@amyjonna)


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