RIP Herbert

Made a pot of coffee sitting here crying while my lil peanut sleeps. I look back on the week and find myself trying to make deals, deals that I know are impossible to come true. I knew going into all this it was Herbert’s last chance. I assumed because as a family we had been through so much how can the Universe be so cruel…well it is. I know in the grander scheme of things he’s just a cat there are other tragedies greater in this world. Ya true but he is my family and his little life has been through so much he is valuable to me.

When I went downstairs at 4 am I was really hoping to see my semi vibrant cat looking back at me. The look, the eyes he gave me I knew. I petted him for a few minutes and began the treacherous walk upstairs to wake up my hubby to get him to take my sweet angel to the dr. At first my hubby said one more hour but I knew deep down it was time. I stayed behind with my son and waited, a part of you always has hope but then my husband called. There was nothing more to do his kidneys had failed thats it we lost…game over.

To say he was just a cat well you didnt know him. For having lost a leg he loved so selflessly, he was so patient, so gentle, so soulful. His presence in our family is going to be missed. His time here on Earth was so very short he barely got to live but he made up for it in love.

RIP Herbert my heart is heavy cuz your gone but fuller cuz I got to share this life with you.

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