A year!!

Well alot can happen in a year. I find myself retracing the steps that led to that fateful night. I remember rolling out of bed and thinking my ankles were only the size of grapefruits and I could possibly get through the day. The worst part was trying to get ready for work without spending hours over the toilet. Any wrong movement sent me running for the loo and any time I spent working on my makeup would be lost. They key to making it through work was my diabetic compression socks and my oh so soft moccasins my manager approved. I remember being almost late and having to run to the train platform. Its totally ok breathing is overrated right? I finally made it on time woot woot. I knew today was gonna be long but I could make it! I was 2 hrs shy of my day and needless to say my feet were the size of watermelons and there was spots of blood when I was sick. Time to go home and rest!

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