Your Storey

You never have to give up on your dreams in order to live out your happy storey. You can achieve happiness if you just simplify what you need in your life to make you happy. You also have to forgive yourself for any mistakes that may lay in your past in order to fully let go.

What that means for you and what it means to me can be to totally seperate things . You see I always lived the past two years with one foot out the door. Both in my marriage and in my life. It was easiest to live like this even though the holes in my life, marriage and justdafelt tough.

We moved to a new city, moved houses, went back to work, I started fostering, our friend died, my foster dog died life just felt like too much.

Then a few things happened:

First I slowed down. I needed to catch my breath. I took a second to absorb my frequency and really get back into tune with things. I worked on tasks that were important to me. We bought a stocking that had room for a collage of all of our cats. I wanted to work on one that included all our cats. As I worked through pictures taken over the course of our relationship that’s when it all hit me.

These pictures symbolized our life as a couple and how two people who are committed to each other and to their family and who have similiar goals can make a difference.

I want my blog to share the ups and downs we experienced together and to give hope to us all late thirty something hoping for your Mr Right cuz luckily I found mine ❤


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