Introducing Sweet Ruby Bluez

I dont want to be hardened by a world that doesn’t seem worthy of the many forms we get to share this life with. It is no longer enough to cut down trees, drive a species to extinction, pollute our water supply’s but we as a society try to justify our ignorance and a wanton self entitlement to torture and kill poor helpless animals. We justify our means of cruelty by trying to say these animals are wild and violent and worthy of what we deem as justifiable homicide. We tell ourselves and teach our children that it is ok to treat beings like this as long as it serves your greater good. In the last 48 hrs I have seen neighbors attack their neighbors dogs with machetes, a frozen mother in her dog house with her pups frozen I utero. I have seen others shoot these defenseless animals before the real Angel’s can try and help.

I can not tell you how it feels to live as an empath in todays world. The level of cruelty that I have seen makes me sick to my stomach and makes me fearful for humanity’s future. I know I can not save them all. I can feel sad for their lives as they were all born to be a man’s companion. They look up to us for guidance, support and love and their only wish is to belong in a world that has already decided that their presence is no longer necessary and wanted.

This of course is a generalization and it does lump EVERY one into a calloused group but I only did that as I do fear for humanity. It is rare that one person would go out and kill a dog rather it would take a group of individuals who justify this level of hate.

There are some selfless individuals that I have come into contact with. I am here to learn about their struggles. To help them find a way to see that what they try to do on a day to day basis is working. A tv show just aired about the dog cull problem in Manitoba. Our best hope to see any change is to bring awarness to the problem. We have the ability to use our voice and I feel it is our moral responsibility to try and help this epidemic of cowards who would rather kill then to help nurture lives. I have seen members of people who hold some power to these animals quality of life abuse it and sign the animals death certificate by ordering euthanasia. I have seen a woman at the very forefront of it all be slandered and questioned all while dealing with her own battles. Her Dr said she was suffering from broken heart syndrome. So at what point do we say enough is enough and its time for a change. The only effective method we have is to demand a change. To make our voices heard and to keep on fighting until something is done.

I had to evolve to reflect the changes in the world. I am here to practice what I preach, to make a difference, to make it known that all lives matter. I am working towards setting up The Prairie Passion for Pets Foundation to fundraise, create awareness and provide support to communities in need. No human should have to carry this burden on their own, they should be rewarded and thanked for all their hard work. I have made a commitment to myself to always improve and to get involved with my community and even my country. I will be the difference that I want to see in the world. I will become Sweet Ruby Bluez. My hair color has changed to symbolize the sadness and suffering in the world and Sweet Ruby remains as she is my heart and soul.

Sweet Ruby Bluez xoxo

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