Foster Mom

It was after we lost Herbert and right after the summer that I really wanted to look into fostering. The hole in my heart wasn’t going anywhere so I needed to try something. At the time when we were living in Calgary it seemed like that dream wouldn’t be a possibility. We already had a few cats, no fenced yard and of course we were renting. That seems like 3 strikes to me. I filled out the application to be a cat foster mom as it seemed there were less limitations. This would have been about the week of September. You know what they say get up and live the life you dreamed you had and don’t let anything stop you.
I never could have guessed in my wildest dreams that my husband’s grandparents would offer to buy us a house, with 3 levels, 4 bedrooms and a HUGE yard. But that’s what happened on October 24th we moved into our house and by October 25th we had our first foster. Smudge. He was a tuxedo cat that had gotten hit by a car. He lost his hind leg and half of his tail. He is loud and proud and has this surprised look on his face ALL THE TIME! I love that guy. Smudge became our first foster and our first foster fail.
So I am not to sure if that was a success or a fail but in my mind we all won that day as we once again opened our hearts to love a being that was abandoned. We joked about how we couldn’t keep adopting the animals and that’s when the decision to bring home 2 6 week old puppies was born. I attended a whelping seminar to learn about the birthing process because that was something I had missed out on and something I felt I needed to do. Those puppies taught me alot and also opened up my eyes. Melissa and Wanda my two cute lil balls of fluff. They chewed everything (including their pen) had a zest and eagerness for life that it seems we have humans are missing out on.
When the opportunity arose to become the Dog Discharge Volunteer I leaped at the opportunity. I wanted to be involved and help even more animals. I started to see the volumes of stray and abandoned animals in our communities and worse yet the horrendous practices in place in our neighboring countries. Some of these practices would make you start to hate your fellow man. I mean the viciousness that some people can unleash on these animals that want to be loved I have one word for this awareness. Thats when the Passion for Pets evolved and took off. Any idea I have I know I need to run with it for at least 20 years before I give up. The original idea was to promote awarness to women while providing affordable esthetic services and give back to my community.
Throughout our journey as foster parents we had a few bumps. Koda passed away, Lena developed and abscess, Dori developed mastitis and poor sweet Daffodil she was in alot of pain but here’s hoping her 2 week check up goes well. These events make it harder but you can’t turn away. Life needs you, these animals need you, its ok to let your heart break so their’s can grow. You can do this. Every time I made it through an obstacle something remarkable has been on the other side. I know this is my destiny and I have put my heart and soul into it and not because I want anything in return it is simply because I need to make a difference. I need to show the world that all beings respond to love and kindness no matter their past.
Last night at 5:30pm our foster Ariel from Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue gave birth to her first pup. It made me think this mom new by instinct what she needed to do. She cleaned her pup, made a nest, kept him/her warm and waited for the next pup. She didn’t whine in between she embraced motherhood even after she had to push out puppies 7 more times. She did it unassisted without too much whining and the biggest smile on her face. She was a brave strong momma who did really well for her first litter of puppies. And lucky for our first birthing experience, there were no stillborns which is very common in their first litter.
We did it ❤ We provided a safe, warm place for Ariel to have her puppies. What a great thing the people at Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue did saving her and her family from a high risk reserve. I high risk reserve is where there are order to cull and shoot these dogs. Ariel was not one of these she was saved.
I never assumed my journey into starting up a non profit was going to be a straight path. In fact I love all the twists and turns so far. I have taken on a new role as Donation Co-ordinator for Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue and I have been pushing forward with my desire to open The Prairie Passion for Pets Foundation. The goal is to help shelters in need pay off their vet bills. What I think we forget to understand is that these shelters that are in more secluded parts of our country need our help the most. The communities over run with wild dogs need our help. They don't necessarily have the means or finances to help out on their own, they need us. This mentality has helped me forge past my fear of rejection. The only person who can reject me and give up on me is myself. I believe in my dream and I know what makes my heart full. We don't all need to have the same passion because….BORING!! We should all embrace our truth and fostering is mine.
Three years ago when I was trying to picture my life I had no idea that this life was in my reach. To be married with a son, cats, a dog and to help out my community and animals all from the comfort of my home, I can't think of a better life nor do I want to. Fostering saved me and brought me out of my darkness into my new normal I life filled with love, hope and a future.

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