Month: March 2019

The Power of Music

One of my most favourite things to do is lay and listen to music and absorb the words. I love to float away and let my mind wander. Thinking deeply, exploring reasons and questioning things that I know to be true. I don’t mean people or things, needs and wants or anything I may have […]


Past, Present and Future

You see to me family is everything. They are the only entity that knows our past, present and future. Our ancestors are apart of who we become in this life. Our family is who we create here in the present. And the future is what the outcome of all of our decisions in the here […]


Feeling Loved

So lately I have been reaching out to people in my life. Especially those I really care about and miss. I was starting to take it personal when you could see they read your messages and just ignore you. Or theirs the ones you constantly try and visit with but they are just too busy. […]