I wonder…Not anymore

I have always wanted more out of my life, to be the change that I wanted to see in the world, to be the person that I was born to be but I really had no idea how to make that possible. Just like many I thought that the world just provide for me and that is just the way that life was supposed to be. I gave birth to lots of great ideas that I thought could help make the world a better place but like many I would stop and think, “Why on earth would this work?”, “There has got to be somebody alreay doing this”. Let me just live in my bubble.
My Herbert
I did extend my bubble into fostering and volunteering for AARC’s. Being involved with animals is both a blessing and a curse. For the amount of time your heart breaks even just saving one will mold your heart back together. I was constantly “wondering” how could I help more, how could I make a difference. I always knew that I wanted to give back to my neighbors, to my community to the world. The thought of being one of those that joined the rat race chasing the all mighty dollare while we turned an eye to the real suffering in the world. The more I got involved the more I wanted to help. I transformed my Unofficial Pretty in Pink–my first non profit idea of providing cost effective esthetics to everybody–into the Unofficial Passion for Pet, which in a few weeks will become The Praire Passion for Pets Foundation. In the beginning it became a place to talk and post about my fostering journey to get others excited but then it became so much more to me.
Esthetic Services
Like all new mom’s I returned to the workforce after my maternity leave was up. Working at Sephora was the best part of my day…did you see the use of that word WAS. I still loved all the values, the staff, the leadership but something in my core was missing. Sephora taught me alot of core values: they taught me the value of treating every person who walks through the doors with the utmost respect, to really take the time to get to know each person as an individual by asking high impact questions and of course the value of being genuine and knowledgeable.
When the holidays came around I was forced to make a major decision…work over the holidays are be with my family, my son was 14 months at that time. I think we know what happened. Terminating my relationship with Sephora was very heartbreaking. I loved the atmosphere, I loved the women but I knew that I needed more out of my life. I needed to somehow become a woman that would make my son proud. So like any good stay at home mom. I kept a clean house, cooked dinners, and of course all meals for my son, went to playgroups, baked…you name it I was doing it all. Still something was missing. As I was playing in my makeup cabinet a book caught my eye. It was one of the last items I got as I left Sephora it was called “The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen” by Barbara Stegemann. I remember the launch of some of her fragrances around the same time as I was leaving so I thought sure why not I will read this on my way to Vancouver to the West Coast Pinups Pinup Academy. I wasn’t to keen on philosophy (I had only taken one class in University) but I was very intrigued by Barbara and her movement towards empowering women to take control of their buying power in new ways will providing job and stability in war torn parts of the world.
7 virtues
Sitting in the lobby I began to read, I took notes, highlighted the parts I loved, realized I loved almost everything she was saying so had to stop.
Having absolutely nothing to lose I decided to implement and work the 7 virtues into everyday life. We all could use some balance in our lives and here she was telling me just how to achieve balance, peace and even happiness within me. I reached out an acquired two mentors that I totally respect. One to help me with life decisions and one to help me with Etiquette/Poise and manners.
I began to reach out to other shelters in need. One specifically Strays That Can’t Pay. I started an online fundraiser to help with their vet bills. Through only the means of facebook I was able to raise $685 to put towards their $8,000 vet bills. Some might have stopped and seen that I didn’t raise the projected goal of $10,000 but I just saw it as my starting point a place to improve. Knowing that you needed at least 10-15 people in a position of power to be on your side I started to really implement the 7 virtues. Like a beacon of light there was my next step…right there in the Western Wheel they needed volunteers for It Takes A Village to help with fundraising. I love fundraising, I love volunteering, I love babies….watch out community here I come. To walk into a room of strangers is hard (hard for me as I was incredibly shy growing up), being about 45 min late for the meeting was even harder (I don’t have GPS are WiFi and oddly enouch it was a 5 min drive to my house) but I needed to get my butt into that room. As I opened up the door I plastered on my biggest smile, welcomed them with a plate of homemade cookies and introduced myself. The meeting was fabulous and once again my lil netword got bigger. I met 4 lovely ladies from Okotoks (our new hometown) and they told me about some great mom groups on facebook… Hearing about the fundraisers in place and knowing that I was going to get involved with these women and our community got me so excited.
You never know what is going to be the turning point in your life for me I know it was a combination of all of it. The book talks about the use of the words “I wonder”, why are we wondering so much why don’t we just start doing. Wouldn’t you rather try and know then always sit there till you are too old and trapped in your own mind to do anything. With my book as my lifeline I started taking out the words I wonder and started doing.
A part of me was always wondering what it was like at other animal shelters. I knew how great and amazing AARC’s is but what about the others. I see alot of posts about these freezing cold animals without a place to go. No housing, no food, no means for survival as these smaller shelters are at max capacity. There was no more time for wondering it was time to start executing. I got involved with The Dog with a Bow Photography to collaborate on a 1950s Glam Photoshoot where I would glam you up in 1950’s and Paul would snap some stunning photos in the Kananaskis County. Donating 50% of all my esthetic services and in some cases all depending on the dire need it still wasn’t enough.
Photography Package
We made the journey to Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue last Sunday to see if we could help Rory (the president and founder). There I saw what a difference one lady can do. She was running around trying to fit everything into her busy day with only one focus on her mind, the animals she was trying to save. Knowing she had a limitation to space and resources she couldn’t save them all but she would go down and lay out food for the strays that she was waiting to bring in in the mean time. This woman was doing everything she could to ease the pain and suffering that these cold winters bring apon us. I needed to help her. We offered to take one of her dogs who was about to have pups. She offered us to take a bag of food but seeing her supply I declined. If my mission is to help I will make some calls when I get back to my town and see if I can get some food donated. Pet Planet in Okotoks and Pet Valu in High River pulled through. I was able to secure 3 shopping carts full of food for her. dogfoodNormally I hate cold calling but it’s funny how your mind changes when you know these animals need you. I made flyers asking for supplies and donations and have had some response from the community. I also had to make sure that in the event of an emergency with momma and her pups I need to have a relationship with a vet in my community. Big Rock Animal Clinic was more than happy to start a relationship with Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue.
My new title with Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue is Donation Co-ordinator ❤ I am also still the Dog Bio Co-ordinator for AARC's as well plus trying to help pay off Strays vet bills. The only thing that made sense now was to stop wondering and start executing the 7 values. I knew I needed to gain more knowledge about what was important to me. I started to read 3 different genres of books that I would rotate in order to gain more knowledge: Philosophy, Etiquette/How to be poised, and Animals. Spending time with my son was incredibly important. I am his first teacher so everything he learns is coming from me I had to remember that. The opportunity to be with my son in this vital time was very important to me. But balance is also incredibly important.
Once again I found myself wondering and it was a reoccuring wondering…what about a fundraiser? I knew I had the tools to execute so now it's the time to pull the pin and let the idea grow. Before I started looking at venue's I wanted to secure a key speaker. The answer to this was right in front of my face! Support your political community get involved. Taking a deep breath I fired off an email to MLA Rick Fraser to ask if he would speak at my fundraiser to discuss his stance on animal well being and welfare. Guess what happened next? You got it he said YES!!!! Wondering is actually important because it births the idea but its up to you to let that idea bloom. I don't fear rejection because I know that is necessary in order to get over that hurdle.
Today I meet with the venue to tell them all about my dreams and to see if they want to get involved. The fundraiser will be to launch my non-profit The Prairie Passion for Pets Foundation, to raise funds for AARC's, Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue and Strays that Can't Pay. I decided that if this venue doesn't work out I will find one that will. This is important to not only me but also to all of our communities here in Canada. The goal of my foundation is to continuously raise funds then reach out to lower income shelters and pay off their vet bills to alleviate the stress and pressures that they have with bills in order for them to focus on what is important..The Animals. Hurdles and obstacles will arise and I will find a way to push through them. Everytime I wonder I will make it into I am doing.
Amazing things happen when you just reach out, people listening, people support you and your dreams. I am telling you taking out the words I wonder will change your life. All you have to do is believe in yourself and for the times that you don't why not read a book that believe in you. Reading "The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen" by Barbara Stegemann changed my life. It can and will change yours if you just take the first step.

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