Everything I am trying to do and will do boils down to me believing in myself. I thought once I wish I had done all this sooner but there was no possible way. It had nothing to do with believing but it had everything to do with necessity. Being a single woman living downtown in Calgary my main thought was how to I pay my bills lol I had 3 jobs that luckily for me had set schedules and of course I was volunteering when I could. Other than work and my small social circle of pinups my world was relatively small. At the time the most important thing I could was try to be positive and have alot of hope that maybe just maybe one day I would kiss that frog and meet my prince.
DSC_0127 2
Meeting Jeffrey changed my life almost a million times over. He always believed in me and even believed that I was destined for great things. At times it was hard to tell if he was being genuine (that was my negative Nancy Persona rearing her ugly head). I was very lucky to find a man like him or is he lucky to find a woman like me. Either way he has always supported my incredibly zany and wild personality and all those ideas that come with it. I always ask him if it bothers him that I am so dedicated to my cause, that I am not bringing in any money as I just want to be the difference in the world and so far he always has said no.
In fact before I even dreamed of quitting I did run it by my husband. I knew a financially move like that would mean that I needed his support in order to make it work, to make us work. Together we decided that staying at home and raising our son would allow him to work overtime and quickly make up for my loss of income. The best part is knowing that I still have the skills and drive to enter the work force if a financial need arises. For now though I get to spend 24/7 with my son just learning, teaching and just being with him. I love my role as wife and mother taking care of the house, baking cookies, feeding all of the animals, this is my dream my destiny a vision I always wanted but thought in today’s day and age could never be a possibility. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies and glitter. We do have our spats but they are never to the point where we call each other names or that either one of us is willing to give up on our lives together.
I think that is the key not only should you believe in yourself you should have a family that believes in you too. We all need words of encouragement. In those times when we need encouragement the most it should always come from the ones who knows us best. I always wonder what the limit will be to my husband’s support (there’s that word again), but I stop that thinking and just start to execute. I always ask before doing something crazy…like signing up for the GGG 2018 pageant in Duncan, BC. All my husband said is where is Duncan? Do you know how long of a drive it is? Are you sure you want to do this? And that was it. I was registered in that contest that very night. And four weeks later I walked away with the title Grease, Gears, and GRooves 2018 Queen!!!

For those of you who know me best I can be incredibly shy. When I am around people I trust I am more willing to let my guard down but strangers no way…Enter in Miss Ruby. Sweet Ruby Bluez is the girl that I was born to be before I stopped believing in myself. She is strong, confident, empowers women and has a love of animals. I love my personna because in her I have found happiness almost a cloak to hide the darkness of my past because that darkness has never hit Miss Ruby nor will it ever. 99% of the time I am done up (at least hair and makeup) as I don’t have much casual pinup clothes. I believe when I am Miss Ruby I am more confident and able to try and make a difference with no fear. I am not scared of failure because failure only happens when you give up. I have zero intentions of giving up on my Foundation or the love of helping animals. If a hurdle arises I will find a new way, a different way to make it work.

My believing in myself as led to something HUGE. My first official fundraiser to be launched on the start of National Pet Week. The venue is secured, I have silent auction items rolling in all I need is to promote and iron out the fine details. Never have I once thought what if this fails. Just getting the word out on the change that I am trying to instill on the world is success enough. Not to mention I have paved the way for this fundraiser on my very own. I have reached out to politicians I am getting connected in my community and the feeling that this summer is going to be the best one ever is undeniable.

You see you don’t need the whole world to believe in you. You just need to believe in yourself and then have the courage to make that belief into reality. There is no fear in trying. My fear is in not trying. What if I turn 80 and wished I made a difference? What if I could make a difference in an animals life? I am just going to keep putting the feelers out to see what happens. I am working on a TON of creative ideas to get my foundation of the ground. I am here to share with you my journey and hopefully inspire you to believe in yourself and start executing your dream. Look at me almost 40 and changing my mindset has changed my life ❤ I am officially on my way to being that 1950's housewife including hosting fundraisers and events for the whole community to get involved.


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