Why Pinup?

Alot of people always wonder how did I decide that I wanted to live a pinup lifestyle. It started simply at first…a love for fashion. A love for standing out in a crowd and being able to bring a smile to those paths you cross. People remember you. Which is an odd thing to say considering that I was terribly shy, uncomfortable in my body and at times too tongue tied to even speak.
I started reading and researching as much about the era as I could and found an entire subculture that I had no idea that even existed. Maybe if I had known it would have helped me build my confidence in my self and in my world. But even I know that every bump that I have experienced thus far as allowed me to blossom into the woman I am now and that wouldn’t have been possibly without the hard lessons that I had to learn. I am extremely fortunate that the lessons I learned usually only affected myself. Right now I am experiencing first hand how jaded the world is, how racist the world still is and how much hate there still is for all beings right here in the pinup community I love so much that provided me guideance and reassurance in a world I was unsure of.
Back to why Pinup. I was never one for red lips, brows or even eyeliner…can you even believe that lol These days I make sure my “face” is on 99% of the time because you never know when the UPS guy may show. The idea of red lips was terrifying. I was convinced that while wearing red lips everybody would recognize you…that is 110% true. Dress up in Pin-up and go to your local coffee shop at 9am and watch the stares lol I turned the stares into opportunities to make the world a better place. If I noticed a lady tried to do her hair that day I would say, “Great hair it looks fabulous” I even remember crossing paths with a gent who kept looking nervously at his shoes like they didn’t go with his suit. When we finally crossed I looked him in the eyes and told him “I love your shoes!”. I saw the corner of his lips turn and I knew I made a difference in his day because isn’t that what being a true pinup is all about? Inspiring, motivating, encouraging, supporting one another. I am pretty sure the last time I checked we were all on the same rock flying in space so don’t we all in essence deserve to be uplifted? As I was slowly coming into myself I realized how great it felt to just do random acts of kindness and it was part of my daily fun to try and compliment people who needed one.
As part of my journey it led me to volunteering within my community. My heart was beginning to swell with so much pride as I was at these events. I felt like this was my home where I belonged. There will always be times no matter where you are, who you are with and what you are doing that the Universe will step in and say hey now this might not be the direction for you. That happened to me at one of the events I volunteered at one day. I was bullied back in 2016 and I think that no matter who we are there will always be a time for all of us when we feel bullied. I was going to tell you the details so I went and got all dolled up (my shield), had a visit with my mother and snuggled with my son. Rather than bore you with the details of an event that really doesn’t matter these days. You see I know that I am not the same person as I was back then so I cant expect anybody to not have grown at least a lil bit so what happened in the past as no weight any more. Instead I just want to remember some lives that crossed my path that I still think of from time to time. Some of their journeys may have been short but I remember your storey, I hope that a piece of me reflects the piece of you that you would’ve been. To the paths crossed in childhood: Travis, Nolan, Emmanuel, Angelica and Ryan from all of you I learned the value of time, the importance to slow down and how ugly real pain and tragedy is. To my dear friend Travis Moody, I think about you lots I wish I had way more time getting to know the man you had become. Thank you for changing the direction of my life. To Tyler I am so sorry I wasn’t there. It all leads back to time. I just there was more of it. So rather than become a bully myself by telling that storey. I want to appreciate all their lives and their presence is still missed.
I guess that is why I truly love Pinup. It gave me the chance to be the person that I was born to be before all the hurt. When I am Sweet Ruby Bluez I become that young girl who still adored her dad, who’s little sister looked up to her, who still celebrates the holidays with ALL her family. I am that lil girl who still lives on the farm with her grandparents next door. My family, all of them, is the centre of my world. In that world I choose to make them proud to conduct myself as a lady and to forgive all those that may have hurt me because I know that I want the same from the people I may have hurt as my young self. Pinup saved my life without it there is no telling where I would be. What I know for sure is that I wouldn’t have the life I have now nor would I have my beautiful family. I owe it all to being a Pinup so that is Why Pinup.

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