There are no words…

There are no words but maybe just a few. I am trying really hard to love my husband like really hard so I am keeping myself busy. Submerging myself with the things that give me most joy. Any and all time spent with my son, time spent with my family, any time I get to rescue an animal with love and of course giving back to community. I just have to give Sweet Ruby Bluez to take the Spotlight for a bit so the lil things her hubby does ALL the time will hopefully just make her love him more.
I really needed to focus on getting the house cleaned. I have another lash appointment tomorrow at 2 so this place needs to be spotlist. Not to mention I need to get to Sally’s to get some better gel nail polish. The manicure I already gave this week already chipped. It was some cheap stuff my teacher sold us back in school. **TWO MAJOR THUMBS DOWN** Have to go to Sally’s and get new gel polish as I am totally fixing it for free. Absolutely 110% I am so happy she told me.
My sister and her husband came for a visit yesterday!! Feels like forever since I have seen them last (maybe even Christmas). The boys were napping when they arrived so we drove to downtown Okotoks and went for a walk.. We walked down to the Emporium ❤ In the Emporium I am in my zen. I just love the atmosphere, the timewarp, the limitless amount of treasures ❤ I of course couldn't walk away empty handed. We crossed the street and grabbed some coffee. I went for the Harmony tea. I have been drinking lots of more tea these days. I have been giving up sugar (except for last night I had a sugar binge….what can I say its that time again lol)

It was such an amazing afternoon with my sister and her husband. They came in for a bit after to play with their nephew but couldn't stay long because of my sisters allergies. Don't get me wrong I love the winter but shake my fist at it when it interrupts a visit with my sister.
Of course the topic came up about how many cats we have and it made me think of my Auntie's conversation the other day…"Do you know how much time you need to spend with each cat?" Well as far as I know Auntie it is about 15 min per cat…The silence was all too funny,"Well, yes I guess that is right but if you have 10 cats thats like 150 min per cat" or 75 min per person which is reasonable because all you have to do is stop watching the Bachelor. Well I knew I had just opened a brand new can of worms so we both just left that conversation on the table for another day.
I feel this week I have been slacking a little so I need to keep pounding the pavement. I finally got my fundraiser on Eventbrite, sent out a few more emails about the silent autction and managed to get Diggity to come and promote the Okotoks Dawgs upcoming season!! I sure do love baseball and the fact that this community loves it too just helps me feel more like home. Oh and to any of my kootenay friends looking for a vaycay…There's a campground 5 minutes away! Bring your kidlets and lets reconnect ❤
I really need to refocus and bring all my ideas in. Getting a response from MP was so eye opening. One person can make a difference if their heart is pure. I am experiencing this all first hand. I need to get back in touch with myself again. It is funny how the things that make you excell are the first things to take a back burner. What I am talking about is my reading. I really need to spend some time in that area as everything else seems to be in balance.
My fostering has gone pretty smoothly Daffodil had her check up on Friday and pending blood and urine analysis she is looking so much better. She's even allowed to have kibbles if she wishes (she had teeth extractions). And momma Ariel she's doing pretty good considering she's a new mom with 6 boys…that's right my hubby thinks they are all BOYS poor poor momma. These moments with my animals are something I will never regret or change. I love having them around as my companions as I raise my son and take care of my family. My heart really does feel full in these moments.

As far as my hubby…well I am gonna keep on trying and find something that works. Last night I tried to dress up a lil and that didn't work. There has to be a way to connect with this man and I am going to find it somehow. I couldn't imagine my life without him being at the centre. He has always supported my crazy, zany ideas but he also doesn't want me to get hurt. He knows I wear my heart on my sleeve but I also don't think he realizes how thick my skin has become over these past few years. If my fundraiser fails…that's ok I will keep trying. Every time I try I will take something more out of it. If I didn't try I would be sitting around the house watching my stories and eating bon bons and attractive as that offer sounds I would much rather look for ways to give back to my neighbours, my community and maybe even to the world.
PS when I write I just write from my mind, heart and soul. If I take a break I just start off from where I can. I don’t like to delete something that I was thinking. It’s just a platform to keeping me thinking and for a reflection point to see where I have come from.

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