Monday Promises

I love the promises of a new week. For me the fact that it is Monday doesn’t change my day much. It’s still clean, clean, clean, take care of my baby and live a very modern Snow White life. My mornings are always the same. Somedays I get up early enough to have my few hours of zen. Before everyone is awak I will write, reflect and if I am very lucky I will read and have a cup of coffee. Usually by the time 7:30 hits its time to feed and water the pups make sure they get to go outside and get some fresh air. Check to make sure the kitties have food and water and it is usually by this time that my boy awakes. There is no better feeling in the world that knowing my life has made it a full circle and now it is up to me to fill that circle.
Mondays is usually a time when I am filled with the most energy, the most ideas the most hope. This morning is nothing more than usual. I am determined to find more donations to our Silent Auction and I need to finalize a flyer to hang in Pet Stores and community boards etc. 3 contacts a day should help fill that quota. I love this feeling of fulfillment so much.
Yesterday I did another lash extension set. I LOVE doing lashes. I love how full and pretty lashes look. Meeting another AARC’s volunteer made it all the better. The community of animal welfare is one of the best communities so far. We are all able to put away or pride in order to best serve the animals needs. That part is the best. Sometimes you see or hear of something happening that maybe isn’t aligned to your values. When this begins to happen the ONLY thing you can do is keep your mouth shut. The only people that get hurt by cattiness is the animals themselves and not the intended victim. People are still usually oblivious to what is happening around them because it has been ingrained in us to only do what feels good and right in our heart. Nothing more nothing less. I am seeing some very fine holes that I know that in time I will have the capacity to address and hopefully support these shelters.
Mondays are also a good time to just start fresh and let go of anything that may have come up that doesn’t directly serve a purpose to you. I feel like I have been practicing this alot lately. I no longer let negative energy consumme me. It doesn’t rule my day and I am way more able to just let it go. People, things, attitude. In extreme circumstances I will talk about it but in the end it is always just a vessel to let it go.
Another unique opportunity has presented itself and I am always one to jump on board when it comes to helping our youth (especially young girls). Nobody knows the trials of becoming a young girl then me. If there was a mistake to be made I was making it. My auntie who has been working on an e-book has asked me to contributed a couple paragraphs and I am excited!! If even one passage that I write makes it into her book at least some of my pain and suffering would become all worth it. All one needs is to touch one girl and get her to reroute her passage of time to know that my journey all though painful was worth it. Stay tuned to see what arises out of that.
The only other issue that has been weighing heavy on me is my relationship with my husband. I love that guy so much. All one has to do is lay beside him when he is sleeping to see how hard he works to provide for us. I know he works hard and I know nobody tries harder than him. Last night before he drifted off to sleep I was able to sneak in a kiss tee hee Talk about school girl butterflies. He even reached for my hand as he drifted away. It may not be much to some but that moment ment everything to me. There is nothing I won’t do to show my son a happy, healthy marriage filled with love. So today I will keep trying, I will try and be the best version of me while living the most selfless life possible. My heart is only as full as the happiness that I bring to those in my world. I love Mondays and the promise of a new week.

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