Darkness vs Light

The greatest evils of the world walks amongst us in a position of power, as our friends and as people we respect. Evil even takes on my forms in many different ways all designed for you to lose your power within yourself. The little piece of you that remembers what it feels like to dream, what it feels like to live, what it feels like to reach for the stars and believe that deep down within yourself that no maybe’s you will reach those stars one day.

You see evil couldn’t survive in any other form. It’s cold, hated, insensitive. It feeds off of every insecurity, fear, and doubt that fills us. When I was younger I refused to see these types of people. I didn’t want to live in a world where people could not only abuse animals but each other. To see pain and suffering in each others eyes at the hands of usually a small group. The feeling of helplessness when you can see through that person and their intentions but maybe nobody else can. That fear of knowing what is right but knowing if you went toe to toe you would surely lose. These types get safety and security in the network that they have built for themselves. Nobody in and nobody out. At times you think that maybe just maybe it isn’t happening the way you thought but it is right there in black and white. Black and white and heartache.
Being involved with animals in any capacity is hard. If you aren’t in tune with yourself or the animal communication becomes really hard. Just like us if the animal is sick or hurt they also become harder to read. Constantly people tell me that I can’t save them all. Well duh I know that the chances that an animal froze last night or maybe met a violent end from predators or men. My issue is turning a blind eye when people that claim to help these animals in fact do the exact opposite. One a day to day basis I am exposed to animals that are in deplorable conditions and the saddest thing is to see these animals exploited for financial gain instead of trying to get them help. At the bottom of all this heated controversy one name always pops up. The same name is always signed on the bottom line which leads me to believe that maybe just maybe that they might be the one benefiting from all of this.
Evil is incestuous, that only thrives and survives on others weakened state. The mob mentality quickly wants to believe what is being spewed in our direction but it is all right there for the world to see if we just open our eyes and take off those rose coloured glasses. It’s not just one incident with one group it’s multiple incidences with many groups. This indicates to me that this just may be the way that stray animals are handled.
After seeing what I see and knowing what I know there needs to be a change. Unfortunately in this moment I am not prepared to engage in a battle that would probably not only hurt me in the long run but also animals. I know that I can’t save them all but I know that the ones that I do save will be cared for to the best of my ability with sound veterinary care, nutrition and stimulation that they need to overcome there awful start to their life. I will not pre-judge or pre-determine what their mental state is. I won’t pre label them without giving them everything I have inside of me. My family will never be at risk. In fact even an agressive animal is worthy of shelter, food, water and in time when the scars heal and they are open to the feelings of love than that will also be available to them. I know all these shelters are trying their very best. It only takes one or two evils to infect the whole tribe. I see this happening. I see good animals getting lost in a system that with no voice they will never get out of it. I encourage all of you to just get involved for a day maybe an hour. See how the animals mood changes when they are in the presence of good company. I know this was a poor attempt at whistle blowing….but that wasn’t my end goal. My end goal was to try and reach as many people to open their eyes and see that maybe that friend that has always walked beside us…maybe they aren’t who they say they are. Be careful out there. The world when out of your element can beome a very scarey place. You don’t have to conform to what others are doing. You can hold true to yourself, your gut and your true north. In the presence of evil stand up, it will be ok. The light can always shine through the darkness.

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