War within Us

How do we know what battles to engage in and which ones to passively let by. Do we engage in the ones that affect the heart, mind or soul? Do you engage in nothing and just live at Peace? Can we truly live at Peace if we are battling a war amongst ourself? When do we finally cut the puppet strings and let the puppeteer alone to dance with themself?
Every morning I wake up with a battle inside of me. To say that it is easy to heal, well I can tell you this is not the case. I am bombarded by the truth and it is a truth that not many want to see nor do they actually want to admit. None of us ever want to believe that the people we see doing good in the world are actually doing just that. These are the same people who do unforgiveable acts of inhumane behaviour that just make it incredibly hard to keep on ignoring. In my free time I watch countless documentaries on animals, on life just anything that might allow me to gain some knowledge and insight.
One lady who absolutely caught my attention was Amanda, you all should know her or at least heard of her. She was the lady who took the boxer in when he had zero movement in his back legs. She took him in and took the advice of the verternarian and amputed both legs. The boxer (please forgive the fact I don’t remember his name) fully recovered and he’s the fasted dog you ever did see on 4 legs (well 2 but you get the point right). She has her whole crew loving and supporting what she does, even one of her dogs serves as a foster dad puppy when the momma moves on to her new home. She really is a selfless and inspiring woman and seeing and knowing what she is capable of really makes me want to follow down the same path.
Yesterday the episode was about a lil pitty named Splat. You see Splat got her name because she had her legs splayed out like she was swimming, on her belly. She got a call about the lil pitty and she had a friend who took the flight down to grab the baby and see if she could help. She has had success correcting swimmer syndrome before and that is why she was thought of first. When Splat arrived even she was shocked by how flat she layed and her tummy. She brought her in to her home and gave her so much love.

The next morning she took Splat to the vet to see if there was anything that they could do. Amanda has had alot of success taping the animals legs to give them strength to be able to stand on their own. When the x-rays appeared on the screen it was very obvious that what Splat had wasn’t a condition it was a severe disformity with absolutely no solution. My heart broke as I am sure all the viewers did. Amanda took the sweet pup home and declared it bucket list day. Her and her family gave this sweet soul a day to enjoy life. She had no idea her fate that lay ahead and it was very near impossible not to cry. They gave her french fries and whipping cream and gave her a bubble bath. Her son took her for a ride on his dirtbike and then took her to the lake for some fishing. It was quite possibly the sweetest and saddest moment on tv I had seen in awhile.
In the morning Amanda wrapped sweet Splat up and took her to the Vet. She was able to go into a room and hold that sweet angel until she was ready to say goodbye. What an amazing woman she is. She made me happy to walk this Earth knowing that I shared this journey with somebody who feels the exact same way about life as I do. When she got home she spent the day in bed surrounded by all of her pets and just absorbed all their love and energy to help herself heal.
Watching that episode came just at the right time when I began questioning my own journey. I was running into people who didn’t think spaying/neutering, vaccinating, treating was important to these animals and their well being. I was watching people prolong an animals suffering to further their financial gain. Worst yet I came across the worst type of person in my eyes…the ones who can euthanize a perfectly healthy animal with the only hopes of lining their pockets. Ya you…I see you and I see what you are doing to a select few of animals. It is only a matter of time before the whole truth comes out. No life should every be disposable unless of course every other avenue has been exhausted.
I guess this just reconfirms what I have known all along. There are three types of people who walk this earth.
1. The Pure: These people lead by what is right and can not be swayed by the evils of the world. They lead with the purest of intentions and are rewarded with love and light.
2. The Mixed: They are a combination of Pure and Tarnished. They are usually swayed by what the masses are doing and are too scared are unware that they can make a difference.
3. The Tarnished: These individuals only look for self-gratification. They are oblivious to their surroundings and the people they hurt. They have no concept of time, space or life.
All types of people are necessary because oddly enough we can’t all be the same. It is up to us to choose who we surround ourselves with and what path we walk down. What is right in my eyes might seem wrong to you. I know what makes my heart beat and I also know that I like the way that it sounds when it beats in unison when I am around like hearted individuals.

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