Feeling Loved

So lately I have been reaching out to people in my life. Especially those I really care about and miss. I was starting to take it personal when you could see they read your messages and just ignore you. Or theirs the ones you constantly try and visit with but they are just too busy. I guess its just the Universe’s way of maybe its time to find your people.

Since becoming a mom he has always been my number one responsibility and as such I try to create normalacy in his young life. Anxious to always make time to visit its always anticlimactic when things fall through. I guess its just the world we live in. Social Media has made it so that at any given time we can see what everybody is up to. Thats just not me. I prefer face to face contact maybe the occasional hug if it is warranted. These are the type of relationships I want in my life. I have no time to waste on people with selfish motives. So today will be the day that I tried reaching out for the last time. Everybody does come into your life for a reason: a lifetime, season or a reason. I got the answers I need as I move onto the next chapter of my life.

Its amazing how the right people come into your life at the right time. As bits of bad news kept on coming I kep trying to focus on the positive. Our family once again got denied to adopt dog. The postings have all said good with cats but when it came time to finalize all the dogs became not good with cats. Hard to not take that personally. One dog I even waited over 2 months to get that ,”oh, hes not good with cats.” Mix in some very unethical animal practices and what can only be described as hate towards me and family and I think I cried for 2 days.

Ever since the seizure I am so incredibly aware of others and their feelings. With the bad news from my hometown all my energy was focused in that direction. Then I found out after requesting my poor sweet Koda to be privately euthanized he was disgarded like common trash. Somebody out there in the WWW misinterpreted one of my blog posts and claimed it was written about somebody in particular and then getting denied being a dogmom it just became alot to deal with.

With great hesitance I reached out to a few people so I can just decompress but such as the life as a housewife most are too busy.

Being able to reflect on all of this through baby snuggles, puppy cuddles, reading and meditation the answer became clear. As mush as I want to include the world with all the love that I am surrounded by there must be a reason these people say no. So now going into the weekend I will focus on whats important, my family, furbabies, community and fundraising. My heart feels most fulfilled when these are in balance ❤

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