Past, Present and Future

You see to me family is everything. They are the only entity that knows our past, present and future. Our ancestors are apart of who we become in this life. Our family is who we create here in the present. And the future is what the outcome of all of our decisions in the here and now.

The great thing about family is we are all connected by blood therefore sharing the same energy. We could recognize each other by mere senses and vibrations alone.

The greatest thing about decision making is we get to choose our life partner in which to take this journey with. We don’t have to choose anybody. Sometimes our connections to our family is so strong there is no need to fortify the bond further by adding another energy source. But like the saying goes “my partner is my better half” its because when combined together its like you create a force fierce to shield you from the Universe.

No connection is perfect there will always be circuits shorts. What matters is how you fix it and if you end up having to replace any energy sources.

Some say they want to feel that “spark”. But isnt feeling sparks when dealing with energy a bad thing? Wouldn’t this be the Universe’s way of saying to stay away?

Wasn’t it Einstein who sad “Energy never dies it just changes form”. If we are all born from energy and are energy and if energy never dies than we just change form. Maybe thats why we have DNA so no matter where we end up in the Universe we can always find each other?

To me family will always be everything in the Past, Present and Future ❤

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