The Power of Music

One of my most favourite things to do is lay and listen to music and absorb the words. I love to float away and let my mind wander. Thinking deeply, exploring reasons and questioning things that I know to be true. I don’t mean people or things, needs and wants or anything I may have to do. I just dream, think and explore into obscurity.

Today as I lay I listen to Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight”. I start to think about fame and riches, life and death and our paths. Why are somes paths here so short? Why does it seem like some of the greatest beings meet so much pain and suffering. Why do some get fame and fortune?

I like to watch the music videos. As I watch Phil sing and drum I can see why. He has talent, drive a belief in oneself. You could tell by the way he plays that his heart and soul are in tune with each other. His message can be heard as he reaches the masses. He is on his life path where his energy is all perfectly in tune.

We can all have that feeling in life. Not necessarily Rockstars but living on our life path where our energy burns brightest. That may seem impossible and it maybe but with every twist and turn you are one stop closer.

When people hit their “rock bottom” its only a feeling. Usually you have been shed of every feeling that makes living great. You just reached a fork in the road and nows the time to try and reconnect with yourself. Nobody is more important than you are especially to yourself in that moment. Be still, get into yourself and ignore any white noise and be true. Find out what makes your heartbeat. You may never have millions in the bank but you can carry a rich, happy feeling in your heart.

We have to try and connect with our positive energy more. It resonates on a higher frequency and it makes it harder for the negativity in the world to penetrate through. That’s why when you are down you stay down for a long time. Every negative energy is drawn to you like a big giant magnet. The only way to pick yourself up is just that move your mood up. Maybe its impossible to feel happy in that moment and thats ok. In these moments its ok to embrace the darkness. You can even share a dance or two but the key is to be able to have enough strength. And that is how you know you have found the right path. Just like every source of energy they can break down its up to you to make the necessary repairs to keep your energy burning bright 💙

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