My wish for the World

Your whole life can change in a blink of an eye. Your dreams, aspirations and even your core can change like a wild fire out of control. Everything I always dreamed about that I had always wanted but had no idea to obtain all of a sudden became obtainable. With what appears to be setback for some, become fuel for me. There is no other way to explain this other than when I left this earth for those 7 minutes on that operating table my soul was reborn. Nobody will ever believe that until they in fact experience what I did. One of the saddest moments in that time was watching my husband overcome with grief. We may not be that close but I am in love with him. Maybe in time we will find our way back to being incredibly romantic and lustful but what I can say is he is an incredible provider. He works very hard and always goes to work even when injured and sick. He never leaves us hungry and always makes sure our needs our met.
When I went back to work after maternity leave I felt energized. I got to meet new ladies and even some that were on the same path as me. I loved working in retail I guess because it is part of my roots with my business degree in all. The thing is I was mapping out a 5 year plan with them when the Universe slapped me with another fork, I was being tested to see if I had learned anything in the last 12 months. Staring at my work calendar there it was I was working ALL day on December 26, 2018…and I mean ALL day. My availability was for after 5 to go with his work schedule but guess what, the holidays means all hands on deck. Forgo your family and come to the Zoo. Before I made any decision I contacted my hubby and together we decided it would be best for the family if I were to stay home. My husbands job is very demanding so it is hard work for him to work a 10-12 hr then try and keep up with our son.
My life from that day on became more compact with my family serving as the nucleus. It seemed as long as I gave it the right environment and nutrience to grow my life started to take off in this incredible direction. Not only did I have more time to raise and teach my son but I had more time to explore my passion. In these moments it was like time slowed and I could see the world differently. I could see what seemed to be every human around me rushing. Everybody was in a hurry, everybody looked concerned. Not many smiled as they worked tirelessly all day in probably a dream that they hated to go home tired, exhausted and beat to care for children and possibly clean. That is alot of work for one person to take on. I may spend 10-12 hours cleaning my house every day but that’s because I take alot of breaks. Playing with my some becomes a priority same with all the pets. Its amazing how healing it can be when you have a baby sleeping on your chest, a dog at your feet and a kitty beside you. These moments I stare out the window and listen to music and let myself drift. When my mind drifts that is when I happen into the most craziest of thoughts. There isn’t one thought that I had lately that didn’t make me get up off my seat and begin to wonder how bbest to execute.
This summer is going to be the best one yet. I am so motivated and filled with so much passion. There’s no fear as I try to march down a path that I think will benefit us all. My goal this summer is to bring back human connections with each other, with animals and with nature. The quality of life that one feels when they get out of the cement cage and off the hampster wheel and stop doing what society dictates. It is really ok to embrace who you are. You will get stares but that means it’s working!! I am working on branding Sweet Ruby so that means that I need to always present myself in a way that I think Sweet Ruby needs to be portrayed as.
My wish for the world is that we can all just take a deep breath and when we exhale we relieve ourselves from any pain and suffering that we are feeling. That we can live free without the body armour and feel love everytime we walk into the room. You don’t need to know everybody in that room but everybody in that room is worthy of love. I know that I am worthy of it and I know that you are too. And one more thing…as a human to a human, I accept you for any and all of your mistakes. It’s ok I made them too. Live a life with me and change the world. You are worthy of every dream and every star you ever wanted to reach.

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