“Are humans being concerned more with having than being?”

I don’t think that we have any intentions of living our life this way. Well I know for me growing up on the farm wasn’t like that. We wore hyper colors, short shorts, knee socks and more often than not we either were covered in dirt or heaven forbid one of those big ol cow pies. Then what changes when do we start caring what others think of us. In our youngest years we care only about happiness and feelings of love. We get great comfort in our friends and family and exploring the world and unravelling this journey called life.
The only common denominator for us all it seems is society. I want to say school but school isn’t the problem. Children don’t care too much what they where their biggest concern is seeing their friends, hanging and creating their inner circle. It’s the mom and dad’s that start the pressure early on in children. We know our children are a reflection of ourself but all of a sudden their outward appearance becomes the most important. I think it is in this pivotal moment when we begin to fail our children. We start putting a proverbial value on our children because we want to keep up with the Joneses. The greatest asset that any one possesses is their character so why do we lose focus on that? I remember the transition into being satified with what I had to screaming for what I wanted. My poor parents. There were fits and tantrums. I remember in the mall my dad wouldn’t buy me the Starter jacket I wanted. Absolutely under no circumstances was I going to start High School without one. The problem with children is we tend to not want to upset them so more often than not we got our way.
It is hard to develop a measure in which to categorize our children but why should we even go to these extremes. To teach our children at a young age that your outward appearance is what really matters becomes a natural breeding grounds for bullies, abuse and even forbid the termination of a young life.
So are we concerned more with having? Of course the example with our children just goes to show you what we are prepared to sacrifice in order to have the social status that we grew grasping for since we were delivered out of the womb. If we just accepted each other for just being, absorbed in each others light you would see the world through much different eyes. There is no need to ridicule or tease because there is more no competition, no more greed. The last time I checked you couldn’t take all that money with you anyways so why not just be still in time with the other members of this world. Just imagine if we all could just be for one minute in time…that would be eternal bliss and that would be the greatest Have of all time.
Everywhere you look you see people with the newest cars, designer clothes, jewellery, houses etc and if you don’t have those things you want those things. Anything you have in this moment of time you always want more. We are never satisified it seems, that are insatiable with their appetites. Sometimes you just feel the need to conform so maybe your voice could be heard. It’s just human nature to have wants where we fall short is when our wants begin to define us and then our character starts to be defined by things, items things that if taken away you would just be a ball of dust. The only true strength that you can even take with you is your integrity and character. You will never fall short doing the right thing and passing on positivity and light to others. There are many moments in my day when I have to catch my self and slow down and aborb the moment. I know I don’t do that enough but I am trying to make a change. It is important to my life journey to play an active role instead of living my life comparing myself to the Joneses. I prefer to be than to have.

ps The title is a direct quote from the movie Lucy have you seen it? What are your thoughts?

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