Growing up in the 80’s

Growing up in the 80’s in my opinion was pretty rad. What is even way cooler than that was growing up on a farm surrounded by family. There were tons of animals, trees, mountains and good ol natured getting into trouble. I remember that the craziest stuff me and my friends did was drink, stay out past curfew and maybe smoke the odd joint. Trying to remember that was our biggest fear was drinking too much and getting sick and of course having the odd one or two “accidents”.
In a small town everyone knows your business. Trying to buy alcohol or smokes was the most irritating because at the Liqour, Grocery and Convenience Store they new my parent’s so they already knew my age and if there was speed dial back then my parent’s were probably on it. Not to mention EVERY parent knew each other. Even if you thought you got away with it depending on who’s house you were at there was a chance that you were still going to get caught.
I also remember trying LSD for the first time. That was incredibly terrifying for me. There was this guy (I can’t remember his name at all) and rumour had it he had completely fried his brain. Any time I saw him he was singing and dancing in the streets so maybe he fried his brain or maybe he was on something else. Back then I really did not know what that something else was.
I thought I knew it all but what teen doesn’t. To me I thought only the rich did drugs and I only ever read about it I never ever saw anything harder than weed at parties. There’s this fear of having my son out in the world doing what I used to do. When that fear becomes too much I know the best I can do is have an open relationship with him. Educate him as best as I can and I just have to have faith in the decisions that he’s going to have to make.
When I say growing up in the 80’s that was when I was a kid. Looking back at pictures at how we used to dress for one I thought I looked pretty cool….for a kid. I fear for a world where children have to dress to the 9’s and look like young women before they even hit their teens. The best memories I have is when I was a kid. My dad didn’t want to buy us a nintendo for the longest time. Not one to be discouraged we invited some of our friends over and made a live interactive version of Super Mario Brothers. I remember having Sara sit in the wood box and act as a Venus Fly Trap. We all took turns being Mario and Luigi except Sara we made her sit in the woodbox (we may have had a lil mean streak). In the summer we used to play Olympics in the woods. Jumping from tree to tree, swinging off branches we even made medals to give out at the end.
For the days with nothing to do you could always throw rocks at the cow pies when your cousins walk by. Nothing says I love you like a good ol splat in a crusty pie…until you get it in the face.
It’s incredible how much people have changed, how much the world has changed. It all can be linked to accessbility of information. There was no going on-line like we do. I remember having to sneak downstairs to turn on my dad’s work computer only to be denied by my dad simply picking up the phone. Thank you dial up. Or the late night phone calls in the kitchen. Trying to get comfy on the counters, floors etc. Imagine telling kids these days that there is only one phone for the whole family, messages aren’t private and it can’t come with you. I like to think we enjoyed the presence of each other alot more than. I try to make it a rule to not have my phone out in public. It’s easier for me because I don’t have an employer to report to. I feel alot of people are constantly plugged in because of their jobs.
The other great thing about the 80s/90s is we all looked pretty awesome! Acid wash, neon, big hair, crimped hair. And grunge music! I loved the start of Grunge. I of course wore the Doc’s and flannel shirt and what could only be classified as a smokey eye.
The world back then seemed so HUGE. Without the easy accessibility of the media and social standings one was free to just absorb their surroundings. As kids we had the best summers. Being able to drive to the lakes, mountains or just to the next town would feel like a vacation to me now. In fact it is! I grew up in the West Kootenays. It’s alot different now. Apparently in the town that I lived hard drugs is a big problem. There’s alot of theft that goes on in that community and breaking and entering. It all stems from an underlying drug problem that I was told has always been there.
Trying to decide how and where I want to raise my son is a very tough decision. I want him to be active in our community but safe. I don’t want to become that bubble wrap mom because that will surely result in the exact opposite of what I want. Sometimes I think that I wish the world was still the same but I guess it never will be. Its human nature to want to advance and to evolve. I know for me I am just happiest living in a more simpler time where the music made sense and the hair was big. Some days I really do miss growing up in the 80’s.

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