Beauty Inside of Us

I have a confession to make. Those photos that I flew to Vancouver and took, I have the proofs still sitting in my inbox. I have had them sitting there since Sunday evening. There is no doubt in my mind that these photos are pure perfection. Not because of the model but because of the photographer. She exuded an air of professionalism and passion that immediately put one at ease. That experience was truly one of a kind but now I am can’t help but feel a twinge of guilt looking at these photos. I know we are all beautiful and worthy of this kind of attention if we so choose but a piece wonders if this may try to blur the message that I am trying to send to the world.
Scrolling through facebook (I need to break this habit-I am thinking of a technology ban while Schmoo is awake. I have a landline in case of emergencies. I just want to be more attentive in the moment with him) I saw the path our youth are heading down and to be honest I am fearful of what I am seeing. Growing up in my time (what an era lol) we never had cell phones. In fact my first cell phone I got I was 19 and it only worked cuz my bestie at the time got one too. There were no cameras, except maybe those $10 disposable ones which became incredibly annoying while trying to pose your younger sister just so so you could take a picture of that hot guy behind her. There was no reason for snapping his pic but just to say I saw I hot guy in the wilderness lol Now we can just surf the WWW look at friends of friends and cousins of said friends brother to see if we like what is on the menu. There is no substance behind our pick of the day just a surge of emotions that come to the surface. There is no way a sure fire methold like this could ever fail. Gone are the days of organic matchmaking which seems odd when there is such a pull towards buying and supporting local organic choices. I wonder why we stopped picking our mates this way too.
The best part of growing up was trying to decide what you wanted to look like that day and to try and plan a coincedental meeting with your crush. We spent so much time outside just getting to know each other on a natural level instead of hiding behind our computers. We used to get car loads of us, a bottle or two to drink and head to the local park or dirt road. It didn’t matter if we had an electrical outlet because we had each other. There was safety and security in that compared to these parties that are youth goes to where the invites are not controlled and things quickly escalate and get out of hand. Luckily for all of us there was a payphone at our pool hall so we could quickly call home.
Thinking back at every selfie I took it was always because I wanted to show off how I thought I looked. I can see now vanity is probably one of the ugliest characteristcs I have ever possessed and one of the first ones I have been working on changing. There is beauty in everything that surrounds us and now it was time for me to finally be able to appreciate all that surrounded me all that is and will always make up life.
I gravitated first to helping animals. They were pretty easy at first to see the simple beauty that comes from loving a furbaby. The ease of their love and acceptance when they know you have a good heart. Being loved by an animal that is experiencing love is out of this world. My family of misfits began to grow as we looked at our “Wolf Pack”. Our kitties ranged from abandonment, 3 legs, vertigo and even a weight issue. We had our senior doggo and of course we had each other. All of us were coming into our own as we adapted and learned the ways taht each other needed to be loved. I knew that I couldn’t save them all but I also knew that I could make a difference. I started fundraising to try and help local shelters pay off their vet bills. When I tried to get registered with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission I was told I needed to form a committee that would help out 4 different charities. No hurdle was going to derail me fromwhat I had hoped to achieve in this life.
Every hurdge made me take a step or two back and try to see the way to get past it. When I was forced to look at 4 charities I really began to take a look at my community and society as a whole. As we all seemed to become more and more desensitized from each other I decided that maybe with this too I should try and be the solution and not part of the problem by simply just sitting by while the others struggled to maintain our history and youth. With that a new journey has taken seed. It is still very much in the dirt at this point but I can let you all know that the seed has been planted and now I wait and see if there is enough support and nurturing to see it bloom.
Now back to my pictures. I tried to take pictures that I thought would help captivate peoples attention to all that I am trying to do and the impact that I want to have. I want to send the message that together we can achieve anything and that beauty is more to being skin deep. True beauty resonates inside of you and should be shared with the world. It’s the light that we all have inside of us that will make the periods of darkness shine with the brightest of light.

close up of leaf
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