Believe in You

What a whirlwind the last two days have been! It feels like forever since I posted. There is no greater feeling than seeing your dreams beginning to come true. For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of being able to help animals. Every furbaby I have ever met has a soft spot in my heart. Growing tired of people saying you can’t save them all I decided to try even harder. The evolution of the Prairie Passion for Pets Foundation began after my school trip to NYC. Staying just blocks from Times Square, I had never felt so inspired. With a heavy snowfall warning I journeyed outside. The security at the elevators warned me against going outside but I buttoned up my vintage coat, tossed my scarf and smiled and said, “I am Canadian, eh.”
I ventured to the first Dunkin Donuts I saw to get a large coffee and head on my way. Passing Miracle on 34th Street I eventually found myself at Madison Square Gardens. There I engaged in a convesation with an American Veteran. He of course asked if I had brought any Canadian Green lol This was before it was legalized in Canada.
Heading out on my way I went to experience the NYC Subway. Found myself trying in vain to see the Sweet Lady of Liberty. Remember that snowstorm it totally prevented me from being able to see in front of my hand. I did manage to explore inside a firehall kitty corner from the 9/11 Memorial Musuem. To see Ground Zero up close and personal was a very soul searching experience for me. For those of you that don’t know in 2001 I was entering my final year to finish my Finance Degree. Being the huge empath that I am it was very hard for me to see past the images that burned inside my brain. The idea of having to follow in the footsteps of individuals who chose a similiar path as me, that they gave there whole life for. There was no way I could do that on a day to day basis. There was so much lost on that day that my heart hurts for them and there families. I have always felt this strong desire to make this world a better place in anyway that I could. Paying my respects finally by standing in their shadows I knew I had to keep on trying no matter how hard my life was to get.
After Ground Zero, the failing of seeing the Lady of Liberty, and the Bull of Wallstreet I found myself admiring the beauty that is Grand Central Station and sitting on the stairs at The Met (just like in Gossip Girl). At the time I was working at Sephora so going in at the Times Square location at 1 am was pretty cool as well. I was awe struck by everything that is New York. I can not wait to go back. The original reason I was there was to attend the New York Beauty Week and I was super inspired there. The only guest speaker I had the pleasure of listening to was Adamme. Let me tell you he is a Beauty Warrior. Anytime I felt like giving up I heard him in the back of my head, “It takes 20 years of constant committment before you will get anything out of who you want to be.”
adammeHis words made it so I never wanted to give up. The day after I got back from New York I started up my Facebook Page, Unofficial Pretty in Pink. I wanted to link my esthetic services to my business in someway. You know make it look like I didn’t waste my time in school. Don’t get me wrong I love make-up, pampering and feeling super girly. It makes perfect sense that I would just transition in that way. And I totally was up until we fostered our first animal, then volunteering, then I saw a need for financial assitance for lower income shelters. Everything just took off from there. I had so many ideas that I wanted to get on the go. I had so many animals and volunteers that I wanted to recognize and help save. The volunteers at all these shelters work only from the kindness of their hearts. These are individuals who give 110% even when they don’t have 1%. I uncovered a need that I know I have it in me to give. So far I have raised just under $1,000 for shelters in need. I am very excited for this journey to unfold to see if I can make a difference. Getting involved with the community, the organizations and the people behind them and just the natural instinct of a woman wanting to protect those that can’t protect themselves I don’t see myself ever failing. I have already made an impact so far in the circle that I have began to create for myself. There are some very, very exciting things in store. All of my fundraising events will be posted on my Facebook Page the Unoffical Passion for Pets. I can promise you in addition to my Pet Pinup Photography Session in May, the Scotibank 5km, there is going to be lots of bakesales, fundraisers and even more 50/50’s! I look forward to getting to know all of you this summer. I got all my swag ready to go and even a few Posters to give away too. If you have every been waiting to invest in yourself I am telling you just do it. If you need a push to get you there I will push you…promise! You can never fail when you love yourself. I know no matter what I will make an impact and a positive difference in somebody’s life and that is the real judge of whether I was successful or failed.

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