Look At Me

When the time to finally take a look inside of ourselves is finally here will we look at what relects back onto us and like what we see? Do we cringe at what we have done or will be doing and the thought of those actions we lose site of those consequences. In a world where it should be crystal clear now what it is at stake for our blatant ignorance and failure to see the truth. We have all lost people to the drive of having the best of everything no matter what the stake. We now have to live in a world where we question or neighbors where nothing is no longer sacred not any life in any form.
Getting up every day to try and wade my way to shore in this rising pool of quick sand it just seem all so encompassing and suffocating. I long for a time when we powered in to each other. I miss the laughter and glances from across the room as you rolled eyes with your bestie and laugh at the evening that was to unfold. I guess in all the glitz and all the glamour I got tired of trying to recognize the reflection in the mirror. My smile although full had always missed that sparkle that can only be sparked when you begin to resonate on a higher frequency. You can tell when you are almost there because just the simple task of doing nothing and absorbing your surroundings is the most powerful and energizing connection you can bring into your day. With your eyes closed and just the right concentration you can feel the vibrations begin to shift in the room. A perfect is examle is what unfolded today. I saw the posting go up for 5 budgies and their habitat. A dream of mine has always been to learn as much as I can about the species. I love their flight, their dance and their oh so heavenly chirps. My hubby agreed to go and meet them and left the final decision up to me. My hubby does work really hard so I had it al set up before he was even home. Me and our soon and all the cats enjoyed lounging in the rays of the sun listening to some Beethoven and Bach. The birds chirped along and even teased the cats just a little. I recorded my husband on facebook live to capture his reaction. He was of course not as enthused as I was. He basically said that cats are all killers and given the chance and not given the chance the birds would end up in a timely demise. Well so uhm couldn’t this have been said before I brought the birds home. I am not wired like my husband. I prefer to see the good in all beings and by giving the right tools all beings can thrive. All is good. We have decided to dedicate a room for just the birds that the cats can’t get too. That way the birds can come out and fly and interact with us. In essence it ended up better. I finally get to provide a loving home to them. You can tell that they are ready to interact with our family. Even with the trauma of the move they all chirped and groomed today.
The greatest power that we have is our thirst for knowledge. Not just practical knowledge put the application of being able to do. I remember growing up and watching The Jetsons and thinking there was no way I was going to ever be alive to see the day and it is really almost there. We don’t physically live in the sky right now but we keep building like we do one day. I think we lose sight on that cost too. As we move towards a society where everything is done for us we are going to lose our motivation to learn. If computers start becoming smarter than man than what really is the point of man? We should really try to absorb the energy from a single moment. From that moment when you feel complete peace and harmony. Everything slows and for one single moment everything around you is on the same frequency singing a familiar tune. The more you are able to find your place there the easier it will be to transition in and out freely. The happier you and your surroundings are will dictate the current path you are on.
It is always common to feel some apprehension or even fear. The journey is always lonely when you begin to walk down an unfamiliar road. Once you find yourself there you will see the people whose hearts beat with the same passion will also be right there. Positive energies attract each other. In order for the positive energy to be able to find a place within you you have to be able to let go of both the past and the negative ties that bind you. The simplest way to do this is to face your past with the truth. The truth will never betray you and it will always have your back. The best part of the truth is it wraps all your negative discretions and emotions up nice and tightly and releases them into the Universe allowing for you to grow.
Never feel shame for anything that you have forgiven yourself for. If you have already forgiven yourself then it is safe for your to let it go. Your opinion of yourself is the most important one you can ever have. Be your own role model, your own first lady and you will see that you will always be in good company. It’s ok to take a deep breath, begin to walk forward and never look back.

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