Keys to Spiritual Wellness

Part of my ongoing quest to always be better led me to a place where I am thirsty for knowledge. Not knowing where to start I started with 3 specific genres that I would like to gain more awareness in. It’s amazing when you start awakening your senses a distinct path begins to unviel itself. I happened apon the book 7 Keys to Spiritual Wellness by Joe Paprocki at the Library. It had taken me a bit to work it into the rotation but I found that I had completed in just 2 days. That’s a great task for me with my 18 month old cruising around and my hubby working so much.
He relates the 7 deadly sins to curative virtues and I thought this would be great for us all to be made aware of to get us thinking. I good working example would be to recognize the sin and working towards the key to unleashing and reaching your peak spiritual wellness.
1. Deadly Sin: Pride. Curative Virtue: Humility. In order to counter pride you must master humility you must be able to see yourself for as you really are. Having pride in ones life is important but it should never overinflate your self importance. By being able to see yourself for who you truly you are will allow you to see others for who they are as well. Also developing a sense of gratitude for good fortune and success. To be able to see and acknowledge that true success comes from all sources.
2. Deadly Sin:Envy. Curative Virtue:Charity. By actively seeking the good in others we are enhancing our spiritual wellness by not feeding the envy. When one is envious you are only happy when the one you are jealous of fails and vice versa. If you focus on those characteristics that you possess that noone can take away from you you are no longer in direct competition with anybody but yourself. There will always be something that sets you apart and your should focus your energy in that while encouraging and supporting your peers.
3. Deadly Sin: Anger. Curative Virtue:Gentleness/Prudence. Spirituality is not mindlessness. It is the spirit of the heart and mind working together. It is the ability to think and process before reaching a boiling point and saying or behaving in a way that you will regret. Recognizing that we are all human and susceptible to making mistakes.
4. Deadly Sin: Greed. Curavtive Virtue:Generosity. Practicing detachment and a more simplier approach to living. Being involved and giving back to the community to help our neighbourhoods flourish and be safer. When we hold on too tight to material goods there is always discontement that follows it. One should try to shift away from materail possession and move towards more engaging experiences.
5. Deadly Sin: Gluttony. Curavtive Virtue:Temperance: Spiritual itches occure when something traumatic occurs in our life and usually only when we introduce a distraction do we achieve some relief. Most of these are ok to do in moderation but it is when it is left in excess taht things do get out of hand. Spiritual wellness is tied directly to our cravings and this is why it is commonly referred to as becoming spiritually numb. They subtly dull our sense into being “comfortably numb” (as Pink Floyd sung about).
6.Deadly Sin: Lust. Curavtive Virtue:Chastity As humans we all believe that the most beautiful of things, people and places have the ability to transform us somewhere new and exciting. We use sex as simply a tool for instant pleasure instead of exercising the sanctity of chastity. Somewhere along the line we have replaced quantity with quality. Imagine how much deeper you could connect with somebody if it was only you that explored the terrain. If it was only you that knew how to drive that one person wild. What an empowering feeling to be so deeply connected to somebody on that level. We live in an era with having just one sexual partner is quickly fleeting. How I wish I was able to connect with somebody on that level.
7.Deadly Sin: Sloth. Curavtive Virtue: Zeal. We all have dreams of another reality for ourselves. The one that keeps us going and trying to achieve the next level. To be spiritual you have to be prepared to enter the realm of mystery and always wanting more. Never settling you always push, push, push. You can see a reality that others are incapable of seeing. As we age so does our cynism intesify. It is hard to not lose your passion in a sea of constant barriers of bad news and hate.
Never has it been more pressing to have an over active imagination. The imagination keeps you from having the self debt and to always push yourself. For many they accuse you of being out of touch with reality, and that is exactly where you would hope to be. If everybody thought it was possible than they would all be doing.
Another good exercise to free you from any limitations and constraints is to actually work the 12 step programs. They have been proven to be successful when worked dating back to the 1930’s. There are two major insights that stand out: honesty is essential and that we are powerless and not in control.
Spiritual wellness is about facing our limitations and integrating are imperfications instead of removing them. This whole journey is to get to know ourselves. What makes us tick. To dig deep down into your soul and feel something, anything and let that be your guide. I am trying to discover myself because I feel somewhere I had lost my way. If I can try and help get somebody out of their minds a little quicker I would consider the 20 plus years it took me to get here all worth it. I wasn’t expecting too much when I read the 7 keys but what I got out of it was an appreciation to slow down and take in our surroundings. That one extra deep breath isn’t going to break the day. There is absolute beauty in all living things if we just take a second to enjoy it. Everything in moderation is key because we do not need to overstimulate or overstate our virtues. Our actions can speak our tales louder than any voice can. It is ok to help others shine in order to realize your true spiritual potential.

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