5 Characteristics of a Pinup Doll

I have been following this Pin-up lifestyle for almost 4 years now. Being involved in such a small knit community has been an exhilirating experience for me. It was like the first thirst quenching sip of Iced Tea on a hot summer’s day but comforting like Nana’s chicken soup and a homemade grilled cheese. Alot of it became out of a passion to get to know myself but embrace the women of that time and the era that seems to be forgotten.
Being able to travel and experience new people and new ways of thinking has truly helped evolve my way of thinking. I had no idea how contained my thinking was and really started to absorb any and all information around me. Reading became a quick passion that I used to love indulging as a girl. When you find a group of ladies that just so happens to click and has just the same thirst and passion as you do it’s like fireworks going off all around you. Being able to feel calm but on pins and needles is one of the most exhilirating feelings I have ever felt and I wanted more.
Pinup for me should always be a group of strong women coming together to celebrate each others victories. Being catty and deceitful behind each others backs just truly prevents us all from being able to shine. We should celebrate each and every one of us for all of our victories no matter how big or small. If it matters to our sister it should matter to us.
I have attended many different events with different groups for many different reasons and there was always a basic set of characteristics that each doll possessed. The more that I thought about what a true pinup possessed common characteristics began to emerge between the girls that truly shined and captivated a room. I know when I first was trying to learn about the era, lifestyle and whatever else I could get my hands on I always wanted more. So I comprised a simple list of just 5 characteristics any Pinup Doll should possess. Of course there are many more and maybe even less in some cases. This is just my opinion to help give a starting point of where to go next.
#1. Smile: Of course it makes perfect sense. The one who can light up a room with just flashing those pearly whites is definetly going to be on top. A smile can tell you everything you need to know before she even says hello. A genuine smile from the heart will always win over a crowd at any show. It tells others that you are warm, approachable and a friend.
#2. Poise: Somebody who is able to handle themselves amongst their peers and in front of a crowd of people. Present yourself as a polished packaged ready to conquer the world. Well groomed, good posture, modest, classy….
#3. Confidence: The right mix of confidence gives her the boost she needs to work over any crowd. A Pinup Doll will know when to turn it up a notch to get some attention as well as when to dial it down. There is such a thing as too much. Work that room and stand out of that crowd.
#4. Community: Being able to provide back to her community and neighbors shows a good strength of character and connection with onself. Recognizing the importance of being involved with
#5. Etiquette: Nobody likes a doll who is pushy or grabby. Having manners not only shows respect for yourself but respect for others. This goes to material items as well. Such as posing with cars or other props. Always make sure you have the verbal consent to touch a vehicle, never assume. Make sure any jewellry, buttons, clasps (anything that can scratch the paint) are kept away. We want to be able to provide the owner with beautiful memories and not be angered because we ruined his paint.
These are just a few of the important qualities that anybody truly should be able to possess. We should all carry confidence in ourselves and the ability to work a room. When we begin to believe in who we are and where we are going it becomes natural. To be able to see each and every one of us for who we truly are is the greatest gift that I received when I began this journey. As a Pinup Sister in this exciting community we come in all shapes and sizes, colors and hues. My artistic interpretation is completely different then the next dolls. We can interchange between era’s (My favourite is the 50’s but I can appreciate the beauty in every era) and still be able to come together to celebrate the way the world used to be before social media took over. It’s fine to have the world at my finger tips but I miss having people in my life more. I long for the days of double straw milkshakes, sock hops and drive in movies (the real kind with those big screens). Life is all what we make it and what we want to get out of it. The reflection of who we want to be is always just on the other side of that mirror. It is up to us to take that leap of faith to see if we are capable of even just a little bit more greatness. As long as we never give up on the journey of continuous improvement the journey will never give up on us. I have learned alot over the years and it’s time to start passing on what I have accumulated over the years. Some of it will provide insight and some will provoke thought. What I do know 100% is finding the Pinup Lifestyle changed me and I like who I have become getting to know her.

marilyn monroe
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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