The Power Of Positive Thinking

I know with having the World at our fingertips it leaves for a lot of negative to creep in on minute to minute basis. The level of cruelty that we inflict onto each other at alarming rate is out of control. To be able to avoid the intoxicating hold that social media has over us becomes an impossible mission. It always seems like somebody somewhere is being bashed for who they are. Trying to understand how the world got like this or maybe thinking that it was always this way is a terrifying headspace to be in. For me I have to set a limit of how much social media I allow to be in my life. Social media is a resourceful tool to reach the masses and to instill good in the world. It can also be a powerful weapon used to think and destroy. Maybe if we all started by focusing on what lies within us maybe the world would be a much better place.
My career in banking taught me one important thing. Attitude is EVERYTHING. The right attitude can do anything it wants. It will stop at nothing to achieve the desired end result because the right attitude sees everything has being possible. The power lies in the way we think about ourselves. If we were all truly happy we wouldn’t be lashing out on each other. We would see the value and beauty in each and every one of us. As babies, toddlers, children we didn’t view each other the way that we do as teens and adults. We somehow put a value on humanity and that value is very skewed. Teaching our children at young age’s that they are valued based on the clothes they where and the toys they have they begin to enter a very narrow minded way of thinking.
It’s safe to say that only the true negative thinkers will sit and dwell on all the ways they desire to be better then each other. That is an absolutely ludacris way of thinking. Only you can determine your own self worth. You have the power inside of you to within reason manifest your destiny. You can begin vibrating at a higher frequency by simple embracing yourself for the precious gift that you are. Once you slow down and absorb the frequency you can feel the potential that you have inside of you. Being able to acknowledge what you need to live your life to its fullest potential is something we should all desire to do. Our lives is are precious gift to not take for granted. Spiritually we will always be tested because positive energy always rises to the top. When you radiate with positive energy it feels like you are floating on air and that is because spiritually you are. The weight of the world has been released from your shoulders even if it is for just that one day.
Try to wake up each morning with smile and determination. Find out what you are most passionate about and gravitate into that. Our destiny is what is meant for us and when you are on the right path you will instantly know. The bumps in the road don’t seem as big and the mild irritations don’t seem so annoying. You can tell when you begin to lift yourself up because your energy begins to reflect onto others. You can see their face lift up and their bodies relax when the are engaged with you. Being positive and living your life passionately is its own best reward. I have been witnessed to the power of positive thinking because I have practiced hard this last year to do so.
I still love to chat though even more so lol I like to think I am a good judge of character if I am annoying the crap out of somebody but sometimes it’s hard to tell. When I go out I like to be as outgoing and friendly as possible. You never know whose path you will cross or who you will meet. I just read how the aging population in the States like to travel because the youth of other countries are friendlier. How awful is that? I absolutely love talking to anybody with stories and especially seniors. We are looking at a generation that has served in the World Wars, experienced the Great Depression. We are soon going to lose the stories of our ancestors if we don’t slow down to appreciate the wealth of knowledge that they have. History repeats itself so what does that say….we need to learn as much as we can while we can so we can properly educate ourselves for what is in store. Maybe we just need to love each other with tenderness and kindness as an appreciation for their journey. We all have value no matter what we look out on the outside. We have the power within us to reflect positive energy into the world. We can make a difference even if it is just for the reflection in the mirror.

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  1. beautiful picture .Do read my recent write on positive thinking here


  2. I will thanks for the recommendation!


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