You are never too old to rewrite your destiny…

How many of us feel lost in translation in this ever evolving World of us. As soon as we get familiar with one application they go and change the rules on us. What if the answer is right in front of us…rather behind us. We have a world of knowledge right at our fingertips yet we prefer to live in a world where the mistakes of the past, we believe, don’t fit into our present.
To me school and the education systems serves two distince purposes: 1) there are the basics skills and knowledge that we should all be made aware of and 2) school is a starting point for igniting our passion. In school (especially in the later grades) we are able to start determining that path that makes us feel whole.
For any of us that has successfully finished school our parents usually had a predetermined destiny that they wanted us to fulfill. Our parents main goal was to provide a better life and greater opportunities than they themself had. How would a parent best determine what would make their child’s heart sing? They put them in music lessons they have no desire for, dance classes without rhythm and sports that we aren’t good at. At a younger age these opportunities are important. How can we as a child determine where our destiny lies? Unless there is a natural obvious talent we can’t. Children should still be involved with extracurricular activites as that provides them with the opportunity to determine what they believe adds value to their life.
With nothing but a hope and a prayer we allow our children to make mistakes, drop and add classes that they want to experiement with and off into the world they go. Our destiny was never meant to populate the population and continue this ever downward trend of humanity. Living gives us the opportunity to truly let our souls sing and live in such a way that our destiny feels fulfilled. We were not meant to live in this world, work, have our hearts broken and die. We were meant to find a way to live together in harmony where we are each allowed the opportunity to thrive.
Any time an indvidual lashes out on somebody else it is because something inside of them is unfulfilled. When you begin to live in abundance of intangible feelings and wants you gravitate towards this enlightened state of being. It is vitally important that the work that you do speaks to your soul in some sort of way. Every job no matter it’s title is very important to how this world works. We are all an equally pog to the greater scheme of things. The most important part is that we live happy and fulfilled. One of our closest friends desired nothing more than cutting lawns at the golf course every summer. He loved being outdoors and making the finest lines that any golf course could have. He lived simply and within his means and was perfectly content and at peace. It was natural to gravitate towards him as he was filled with advice and life meanings that one would never find inside of books. Once a week I would sit and have tea with him and we would chat. He would always give me advice and listen to anything I had to say. He was a very important piece of me striving to learn more about myself, the world and how it is we all came to be. I miss him dearly but I do keep his words close to my heart as I learn to walk fearlessly into the future.
We live in a world where it seems so much harder to be able to work towards our destinies. The economy is such that jobs are a hot commodity and alot of us our in field that we find unfulfilling which leads to mild depressioin, alcohol abuse and drugs. Some us desire to have a partner to conquer the world with and we are continuously dissappointed with the quality of mates out there. We try out of frustration and cry ourselves to sleep. Desperate for a change but too scared on how to do that. I know that exact feeling. I was there frustrated and uncertain of my future. The only thing left to do was to dig deep and see what made me tick and have faith that if I listened to myself that I could find the answers.
Enrolling back in school was the first step. At first I told myself that if my student loan got approved that would be my sign from the Universe that this was the right step for me. Sure enough my loan got approved and I found myself in a room full of twenty somethings and there I was middle aged and terrified. No matter our age we were all in the same spot. Full of anticipation and eagerness for our uncertain future. I let myself go in the process of reinventing myself and let the pressure of society slip away. I had lived in the direction that the World dictacted to me. I had always been an active particpant to the process but never an active participant in my life. It was time to give myself a break and nurture the soul that was inside.
As fast as my uncertain future began to unfold a new storey began to be told. Every morning I woke up with determination and pride that only one haves when they fully begin to believe in themselves and forgive their actions of the past. I had alot of actions to forgive myself for but it was somewhat easy when you consider that alot of that came from an immature place because I was always scared to grow up and blossom into a woman. It was easier to lash out and act immature then it was to be an active member of my life but it was time to change and start living a life of purpose and meaning. So here I was at 38 reinventing the person I was in order to become the woman I was meant to be.
There was hardships along the way as there always will be. Through it all I became very aware of my surroundings. The people, the process. Not everybody we meet is meant to be part of the process. Some individuals are just meant to show us the way. Raising my son was the best part of it all. Not only did I get to know myself during but I also got to see the World through my sons eyes. There I was back to basics trying to mold and help my son find his way through all this. He is still just a baby but I learned to slow down time to see the World in a different way. Of course there was always negative news and fear woven into everybody because of politics, economics and finances. When you look at those three as a whole how could one ever find the silver lining to each and everyday.
The World in a nutshell is a very scarey time to be alive. We fight for centuries trying to establish human rights and equality and it seems somehow we digressed farther. Politics have become a dictatorship meant to crush the free will of minorities and push them into a mold that was predetermined the right way to be. The World is such a place that we want to control the basic human rights that we all so rightly deserve. We should be free to explore and be the person that we know ourselves we were born to be. How can we determine what that looks like for somebody else. The main goal that we strive for is to not hurt each other but to lift each other up. We shouldn’t have to live in fear of retaliation for being who we are. It is impossible to know how society will accept our children in todays day and age. I am scared to be a mom in a World filled with so much hate. When an individual cries because of social unacceptance we have failed. We have failed ourselves and each other. At times I wish that I could scroll through my social media and not see so much hate. I know of groups that are supposed to bind together because of their cause that are divided because of their love to outdo each other and be better. We were never meant to be better than each other. We are the same. Everything about who we are as human is the same. We don’t need our race, sex, orientation or how we look dictacte how we should be accepted. Each and every single one of us was made from two single cells that were made from this Universe. We should be fighting the same battles to make the world a better place. The idea that we should alienate somebody, anybody because we have the power tells me that we live in a World that needs to change. That change is as simple as being that change we desire to see in the World. We don’t have to conform to just fit in, we can just be. Once we all come together in this way we can start a movement. There is way more of us that have been suppressed in this way than those that are on the top.
Yes the powerful will always be more powerful but they are only powerful in the monetary sense. We can provide power through education and being informed. Let’s learn from those that tried to pave the way before us. The answers are all there laid out before us. The struggles were the same it was the retaliation that is different. No longer are there hangings or torches to run out those that scare us. In it’s place we have developed a mob mentality to have the will imposed on those that we don’t understand. We have developed a World where we can make those feel inferior and do our will themselves. There should never be a World where the only escape is the one that we could never change back. All lives need to matter and its time we move towards that.
My place in this World is slowly unveiling itself to me. I found a way to get involved in my community that allows me to feel fulfilled. I try to reach as many people as I can so they can see that there is good in the world. I chose to help low income animal shelters as I see a need to help these organizations. I want to give the volunteers the freedom to go and save as many animals as they can because we all have our space and time in this life. This last weekend I hosted my first ever bake sales. I love baking and I love nourishing both in the spiritual and full belly sense. I got thank yous for what I do and all I had to do was what I loved. I baked everything myself raging from pies to cookies to party mix. Every item sold was by donation. Except of course for the raffle. A family that adopted one of my fosters came to support my dream. To know that we made a difference in each other’s life was a heart warming experience. This is who I want to be. Who I want my son to see. I want to be known for my selfless love of animals and there place that they have in my life. Being involved in this way has been a turning point for me. Instead of being scared of turning 40 I have fully embraced it with my thirst for knowledge and constantly improving. It doesn’t matter when you find your direction in this life as long as you are continuously striving to be a better version of yourself than you were before. The sooner we accept each other for the greatness that we all are the better this World will come to be.

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  1. wordgivelife says:

    then face your fears and accept yourself


    1. It all comes in time with the reintroduction of ones soul ❤


  2. wordgivelife says:

    first of all, you need to let go of your regrets


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