10 qualities of the Knights of the Round Table we should all possess.

While watching a children’s movie with my son one evening about King Arthur and his knight I was intrigued by the high respect that not only they had for themselves but for each other. Living in an age where aging was a luxury and war was inevitable. A code of conduct was developed and followed. We of course don’t live in an age where battle was an everyday occurence and the only way to show valour was stand by your fellow man and fight for freedom and rights of your fellow man. We take for granted the freedom that we have right in front of us. We waste our talents and our skills on social media and other online devices. Instead of engaging in battles over territory and property we fight these battles amongst each other other and use our weapons of self destruction to hurt our fellow man in any way. I decided to take a closer look at qualities that a good knight would have and compare it to the way we are now.
I got this excerpt from this web page:

Qualities of a Noble Knight
Brave, Chivalrous, Courageous, Faithful, Gentle
Honest, Noble, Respectful, Self Control, Valor

-Courage and bravery
-Nobility was extremely important in medieval culture
-Women were very respected and well protected
-Loyalty to king and country
-The Code of Chivalry was a moral system for knights
-This code created and idealistic view of knights

1. Bravery: Being brave in medievel times was being able to stand up for your beliefs and fight for it. Being brave nowadys has a very diluted meaning. The way of the bully has made it almost impossible for those being attacked to see their self worth. Bravery is now something that is entwined in everything we do. Being brave has a way different meaning as the battles we now fight have no face. The demons that attack us do so mercifully and with free will. It is hard to be brave in a world where not all of us have basic civil rights. Being brave these days is simple having the courage to get up on a day to day basis and live well.
2. Chivalrous: Chivalry is not dead but it is becoming obselete. In a world where it is rare for the door to be held open or even seats given up on public transportation, we all have alot to learn about what chivalrous means. I hate to say but women are usually weaker. They bare the children, do the housework and support the family. Women should be respected. Knowing that the matriachary of the house is the glue that keeps the house together women are protected. In a world where manners seem to be a thing of the best so is chivalry. In its place we all feel entitled like the world owes us something. We tend to forget that the best way to live an exemplifary life is to be polite, well spoken and to protect your elders and members of the opposite sex.
3. Courage: You couldn’t be a Knight without courage. Everybody needs courage. It is a tough time to just be able to go out and be. Every morning your day should start with courage and determination. At any given time your day can fall apart. It is how you handle the bumps and the roadblocks on your way. We should be thankful that courage no longer means we go into hand to hand combat soon. More of us need to be gorgeous and take an active part in our life. We have the power and courage to make a change in our communities through getting involved, volunteering, and voting.
4. Faithful: A good Knight was faithful to his King and country. He served only to protect the wishes of his King as their Kingdom is where they thrived. The same can be said for all of our relationships and community. We have been accustomed to having our needs met instantaneously. With humankind at the tips of our fingertips we are free to betray our spouse, friends, colleagues at a drop of a hat. Loyalty has become a thing of the past as we have been conditioned to lust for immediate gratification. There appears to be no loyalty to no only onself but to their whole being as a whole. Having faith and loyalty is some of the best characteristics one can have. In a World of constant change it is a relief to have something you can rely on in this World.
5. Gentle: With a Knight being in the public eye they would need to be gentle and compassionate. They were recognized by everybody within their community so it was imperative to set a good example. These were the men that our boys looked up to and many dreamed of the days when they would lead their country to victory on top of their loyal stead representing the King. When in the vicinity of a Knight you knew you would be in good hands and protected.
6. Honest: The saying, “Honesty is the best policy,” or “The truth will set you free”. Being honest is the best skill no matter who you are. Rarely can one remember all the tales they tell in the course of their day so lies were rarely consistent. There should be no reason to lie when you are living by the codes of the Knights. More to that you should never lie simply because a lie told is going against who we should all strive to be. Telling the truth takes bravery and courage and those are the basic qualities. The truth is more for yourself then for anybody else. Never carry the weight of the lie. It will wear you down faster than any drug or alcohol every can. The truth will set you free you just have to be honest with yourself first and the rest will come naturally.
7. Noble: Nobility was extremely important back in that era. Preserving a blood line is no longer important. In an age where the Princes are able to marry a woman that they choose and the royalty look for a bloodline that fits into their reportoire. We have seen for decades the dilution of the royal blood line so Nobility becomes something anybody can achieve. We have to dig deeper into the meaning of nobility. Within most bloodlines there are traces of what was once thought of us commoners and frowned apon. We are all noble in the sense that we can conduct ourselves with pride and the outmost respect. Nobility as a whole is just how one carries themselves while out on their day. For a characteristic that was at one time so important it is nice to to see that this quality is now more about the persons stature then their social status. To be truly Noble one must be humble because living in excess is where the root of most problems begin.
8. Respectful: Respect is everything. We must respect each other and ourselves. We first must be able to look at ourselves in the mirror every morning and like what we see. If we can not see pride in ourselves then it is time to make a change. Belittling, harassing or bullying is something that should never be done. We should value each other as the gift that all of us are. We are living in this special space in time together so we should try to do our best to respect each other for all that we are.
9. Self Control: This spills into everything. We need to have self control in order to have control over ourselves and our actions. It is easy to lose ourselves with passion when we feel ourselves being tested. It is up to us to see through those tests without blowing a fuse and knocking somebody’s head off. We need to be able to control our emotions so that we don’t over indulge and inhibit ourselves to a point where we lose all control.
10. Valor: To be able to keep a level head when engaged in battle is a very hard skill to acquire. Being able to fully engulf yourself in the heat while still being able to make calculated decision is honourable. Not alot of people can control themselves and most lash out in anger. They say the most heinous things to each other and reveal secreats that were never meant to be told to gain the upper hand. We fight like cowards and expect raise. What is happening in todays world both on a large and small scale is scarey. We live in a time where everybody has something to say but nobody wants to take accountability.

My passion for learning as much as I can has allowed me an opportunity to divulge into history and explore the way other people lived. It has allowed me an even greater opportunity to be thankful for what I have and to strive to make a difference. To see how hard the struggles were back then and to see how much we take advantage and complain now is very eye opening. For example: While reading a biography of Mary Wollstonecraft it talks about the several children she had lost along the way. Back then it was rare for a child to live past 1 years old. There was even a time during birth she had to sit on ice until the doctor came. Byron had saved her life with this quick thinking. Even though she had lost 3 children which could only be diagnosed with failure to thrive, she found the strength and courage to move forward. Yes she did wallow in grieve and in modern day times she would have been prescribed antidepressants, uppers, downers, mood stimulators, sleeping aides etc Mary was free to feel (and she felt it all). She was able to create some of the greatest literary works of our time. Doesn’t it seem odd that for a national that is so advanced we fail to write anything of the caliber of the greatest literary books ever written. We can add to that so is most of what we do in today’s times. It seems that everything we do is a fraction of what our ancestors had fought for hard for us. Yes they desired for us to live a life free of disease, hardships and struggles but we have traded the struggles of that era for the ones of ours. Pollution, Fearmongering, World War, Self Hate….we have it all. It is much scarier now to live in a world where you have no idea who your enemy was. We need to reevaluate the characteristics of the Knights of the Round Table. We need to strive to live in a world where the failure of one of us thriving is the failure of us all. Fighting and squabbling amongst each other is a sure fire way to show a crack in the facade. I know of several ifluential groups right now that are engaged in a battle amongst each other instead of binding together to create a more unified front. Just imagine two minority groups who have to fight to be accepted in this day and age are now fighting amongst each other. Do you see how just the tiniest of imperfections in that armour can take down the whole group? There is and will always be safety in numbers. I think we can all agree we would rather be on the side with integrity and honour then the one that is sufficient in taking down the human race. Who knew a children’s movie meant for my son could reach me on so many levels. I am always contantly striving to improve and be that person I was born to be. Maybe taking a look at the battle that we all fight within us first and putting on our own armour. It can impact those that are still looking to find their way.

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