Happy Mother’s Day and Other Incredulous Points of Continuous Enlightenment

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Photo by Janko Ferlic on Pexels.com
What started out as a way to better equip myself to the never ending….Why, momma? But, Why momma? Has taken me into a World of Self Discovery. I knew I was a very quizzical young girl so I could only assume that my son would be the same way. He is a very busy baby always wanting to know, experiment and test his boundaries. For myself it became essential to read and learn as much as I can about any genre as me and the author has one thing in common. Life, yes we live in different times most times but the lessons and experiences all erode down to the same experience…Life. My quest to arm myself with knowledge to help with my son and development (We are out children’s first teacher) is now teaching me so much that I had never dreamed. I have no idea why I thought learning should stay in school or at least be job specific. Continuing on with my education has become the glue that is making this ride around the globe make more sense.
Anybody else remember English or Literature 12? I guess I would more than most because I loved the English Language. Imagine my surprise when I find out the creator of Frankentein was not only a female but only 19 when she wrote her novel. Was it taught in school, I have no idea because as much as I wanted to learn back then I wasn’t ready to absorb it. That was shock #1. Imagine my surprise when Mary ok off with Percy Shelly. What!!! Mind blown those two were “together”! Ha! Right? I know to most it is not shocking but in an where we focus primarily on social media stars I only wonder if our English teachers talk about the scandal that their lives were it would only enhance their written work. More to it Shelly had passed away at sea when is boat capsized, he was only 29 and Mary was 25. Between them they had miscarried 2 and had to infant deaths. Not to mention that Shelly had left his wife for Mary that was frowned apon at the time. With divorce not being a popular option he stayed wed to his wife, sent child suport and gallavanted around Europe. Imagine the scenery, the people, the World in the early 1800’s. The only way to truly understand the world and how it evolved is to look into people and how it is that we have become the way that we are.
When Mary released Shelly’s book, “Posthumous Poems of Percy Bysshe Shelly,” she wrote on the cover to all the readers, “No man was ever more devoted than he, to the endeavour of making those around him happy; no man ever possessed friends more unfeignedly attached to him,” she also wrote “the most sacred upon earth, the improvement of the moral and physical state of mankind”(excerpt from The Strange True Tales of Frankenstein’s creator by Catherine Reef. I remember reading his poetry in school and now here I was learning about his life for fun and pure desire to learn. Shelley’s abilitity to make his poetry come to life teaches readers even then “to rise above petty interests, envy, vanity, and low enjoyments; to investigate and follow out the boundless capabilities of our being.” (Catherine Reef)
For as long as humankind has been documenting their lives they have been trying to teach us. These are our ancestors and as we know and have heard, “I only want you to have the things I never had”. Somehow along the way we began to take knowledge and learning for granted. We have decided that the secret to life is acquiring more than we can ever acquire in a lifetime. We are in constant comeptition with ourselves and it is beginning to wear in everything we do. Yes work is a necessity but work is/meant to be enjoyed. We wanted to have these insane hours and have instant access to work, consisten, immediate and all the time. If you just take a second and imagine this, yes if all stores were closed at 5 it would be incrediblly inconvenient wouldn’t it? You would only have one spouse working the other to support the needs of the family. The parent raising the family can cook, clean, shop, pay bills etc. Then at 5 we are free to enjoy each others company. And weekends…we have this desire to constantly be stimulated but the way we are choosing to do this is actually having the opposite of the world that we want to be living in.
By exploring the activities that stimulate our soul we are able to find ourselves as being a well rounded content individual. Society has conditioned as such to not indulge in those feelings. We are so mentally exhausted after working all week or doing shift work that it is impossible to explore your meaning of why you are here. It was just to work and to pay taxes. Nor can one ever feel spiritually rejuvenated after lying on a beach for a week or two. Those feelings of being drained are coming from your soul. There is a piece of your soul that desires to be embraced. The only way to awaken your soul is to engage in activities that makes you feel whole. We all have something that has captivated our attention along the way. It is more to playing video games or going for drinks for fun. Your soul doesn’t long for that type of stimulation it longs for something that it remembers. Any acitivity that you can think of that stimulates your mind and heart simultaneously. You will know when you start embracing it. Just because you are a natural might not be the indication.
How will you know? You know that feeling of love when you are around that person that makes you forget that everything in that space of time has frozen? Your knees buckle, your pusle quickens, you hold your breath in anticpation and every hair stands on end? That is the feeling when you know that you are on the right path. I get that rush every time I set up a bake sale for charity. Yesterday as I was setting up and just reflecting how far I have come in only a year I got goosebumps. I also get little signs from the Universe to keep on going. For anybody who has read about my journey so far alot of this started to fill the void when our cat lost his life. I needed to try and make it so no other animal suffered the way that he did. I know it is an impossible task when one thinks about it. I am content with just making any difference. You can dissect that activity even further. I love baking and to bake just for my small family I wouldn’t be able to do as much. I also love helping animals and being involved in my community. When you add in that I am trying to be a better role model for my son and I am trying to be the girl I was before the world took away my smile (my life credo). There are no reasons to say No. Remember in how to Hepburn always say No until you have a reason to say yes..I have several so of course I get a rush similiar to the one I get from heights. People aren’t sure what to think of me and I don’t blame them but with consistency and a smile how can it fail? I was doing all this before reading what Mary said to Percy’s readers. Being humble is the greatest gift I have ever received. I only started embracing the importance of this characteristic since becoming a mom. It is amazing how being a mom open’s your eyes. I started my journey into motherhood with the sole purpose of being a better role model for my son. What I got in a return was a total makeover of my being and an awakening of my sould. I strongly encourage everybody to look deeper into the journey that is their life. Look beyond the fact that we have to work in order to provide and sustain. Ask questions and ask questions to yourself. You don’t have to limit yourself to being a teacher to your child you can also be your own teacher. That is the extreme benefit of pleasure of being an adult! We are in control of the lesson plan and the grading scale. We only get what we put into it.
Reading for me awakened this journey but I don’t just limit myself there. I also have started to learn the violin and I also love to dress in 1950’s as well. It gives me a more open platform to spread positivity on a day to day basis. I have alot of favourite activities but another one of my favs is the door that opens when dressed in Pinup (give your head a shake I am more of a 1950’s housewife pinup…remember role model for son). Usually it starts with I love your hair and then the conversation evolves. I alway wear a giant warm happy smile that sreams, “TALK TO ME!! I AM APPROACHABLE!!!” I always tell whoever I talk to events that I enjoy in our commnity and to get involved. I tell any lady who wants to explore the vintage lifestyle to join me at A and W every Friday for our weekly sow and shine for MS. I also welcome any contributions to my bake sales or raffles as well. I want our communities to feel safe and welcoming. It seems that the poetry and words of Percy Shelly speak to me so I have found another tangent that I must explore. I must make a revision to my lesson plan! I never revise just add.to it. Now that I am on this path I never want to stop. If I stopped this path of learning I wouldn’t be able to share interesting facts and information like this one:
After the cremation of Percy Shellys remains only his heart was left untouched and in perfect condition. His friend, Leigh Hunt, had taken the heart and refused to give it to Mary (he also had retrieved a bone during the cremeation which he kept on his desk for the rest of his life). His reasoning for keeping it way from her wasn’t out of disrespect for Mary but out of love for Percy. He saw Mary as being an adulterer who lured him away from his family and was the reason for his demise). If he had stayed with is family and not travelled to the extent that he did with Mary then he would still be alive. It didn’t matter that after his wife had committed suicide he married Mary he was fueled by emotions out of losing his friend in such a way. Rmember his friends loved him endlessly and with pure loyalty and devotion. In time his emotions subsided and he realized that the heart should be returend to Mary. Mary wrapped his heart in his poetry and put it into a velvet box. Is it just me or dooes anybody else remember a very dramatic show of devotion in recent Hollywood times. I am thinking of Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob. Does anybody remember the vials of blood the wore around each other’s necks? It is incredible to think that after almost 300 years two popular couples of their times showed their devotion in a similiar way.
Both women explored a path that stimulated them both spiritually, mentally and artistically and it is incredulous to think that they both chose a symbol of life to show this. We most never stop exploring who we are as an individual, family and as a contributor to the time and era that we are a part of.

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