Exploring and Knowing Your Weaknesses No Matter the Era and Time

“I feel my many weaknesses, and know that some of these form a part of my strength…I am content to be an imperfect creature, so that I never lose the ennobling attribute of my species, the constant endeavour to be more perfect.” This was an excerpt from Mary Shelley’s novel, The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck.” Full of absurdities and strange tales the novel didn’t fly off the shelf. Alot of her characters were mirror images of her friends and acquaintances. And it was admirable that her reflection of her late husband was in very good taste and sung of his praises and how much of a great man that he was.
Although the above passage was spoke by Warbeck’s widow one could hear Mary’s voice as they read it. In a time almost 200 years before I am always curious to understand how the evolution of man happened apon the course that it did. To me engaging in the tales of that time it appeared that there was alot of travel and movement from place. Plagues and diseases could attack at any time. In an era where most were lucky to make it through the night to see another day it was a necessity that a change was born. I think the change that we desired became obscurred as the desire of fame, riches and fortune was the strong allure of many men.
As a mother trying to find a movie that would both stimulate my mind and enhance his learning I found myself watching the movie Samson on Netflix. If you are like me and only indulge in Netflix as a family movie night there is a time when there is nothing but slim picking on Netflix. I knew the basis Samson was the last of the ancient judge of the Isrealites and one of the strongest men to ever inhabit the earth. Here I was exploring the 1800’s and now I was taking a glimpse of an era circa 1100.
It was interesting to watch and see the resemblance that occurs between the eras and decades. The fight and struggle is always the same. The person in power who is consummed with wealth, fame and fortune. It can overtake us all. Only the strong hearted can resist the temptation and security that wealth can provide. To have certainty in your heart that all will be provide and to not acquire more than you can handle.
Every tale has passed on in this way. There are so many heros throughtout the timeline that “Rob the rich and give to the poor.” The more you learn and develop a thirst for acquiring the knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation the more clearer you can see. The greatest evil that one comes into contact with is the one of Power. People in power or desire to acquire power are the ones that will do anything at any cost to make it so they live a comfortable life. They have zero regards for the people and families they destroy. Take a look to the people in power around you and you can see the similarities that they have to the dictators of the past. The destruction of mankind has only been brought on by mankind. We really need to take steps back and see that we have developed the resources to destruct ourselves with no need of any assistance.
What I find intersting is that the battles we fight and terrorize our neighbours with wasn’t an issue say in Mary Shelley’s time. I found it fascinating to learn that after the passing of her great love she denied all suitors after. Every man in her eyes paled in comparison. Mary being a widowed required more than her inheritance and child support could provide. It made the most sense to live with her writer friend, Mary Diana Dods. I thought it fascinating to learn that Mary’s friend was in the beginning stages of living life as a man. She had already began to wear men’s clothing and adopted the name Walter Sholto Douglas. Of course, all things considered it made the most sense to formulate a plan where Douglas would escort her and the children to Frande and live as a married couple. Can you believe that afer all this time we still haven’t found a way to accept people for the lives that they choose to live. What has all this fighting been for over hundreds of decades? Just greed not freedom. Life has always and will be our greates gift. It is ludacris to think that we still live in a time where some people don’t get the opportunity to explore the true potential.
Even now we sit here and indulge in the latest media gossips of the rich and famous. Somehow their lives have become more important than ours.
With this kind of mentality maybe the evil has already won. We have no desire to learn anymore. That is a very presumptious statments. Most of no desire to learn. To explore the lives and the journeys taken before us. We prefer stimulation from automated sources instead of from the intellectual minds that had given birth to these ideas.
In fact Mary Shelley had written a book entitled “The Last Man. The book explored the future in what appears to be the 21st century. It talked about the absence of King and in it’s place there was an elected leader. He was handsome, adored, admired and fascinated with the Arts. Tell me if that reminds you of anybody? Growing up with talks of Prince William being King it is eery how close in similarities the both appear to be. The character in her book was in fact a reflection of her dear friend Lord Byron. There was also talks about new electronic products constantly overtaking the market (we have apple and samsung to thank for all that). Discoveries in fields from medicine to space scence ar eregularly announced. This book was ahead of its time as the industrial Revolution was just in its infancy. Even England’s first railroad line was still a few years how. There was no consideration to how such inventions could alter their culture and surroundings.
Shelley’s novel had us rapidly heading into catastrophe. Tale of old as time isn’t it. I think it’s scarey to think that the time that she is talking about is almost apon us. The most intelligent individuals of the world who constantly strove to improve and inform are trying to tell us something. The importance of the written word is it becomes ones Legacy. When one has come to terms with life and it’s ending and wants to pass on their messages it can only be done from literary and artistic work. It makes all the sense in the world to explore the teachings of times passed to look for any signs or indications of how best to live a better life. Just like today’s novels depicting future devastiation, survivors had a responsibility to pass on their knowledge and values to help enhance the living generations to come.
We are not supposed to know the meaning of life because that meaning is different for so many. Our paths are usually predetermined as the skills that we possess in our arsenault will help better equip the world. A teacher that I once crossed paths with told us to make our weaknesses into our strenghts. That is possibly the greatest advice I ever received. The benefit of making your weakness your strenghts is that nothing can take you by surprise. By exmploring your natural talents you just might find a path that you never had thought about before. For me I absolutely hated math. I quickly enrolled in all the math classes I could. Statistics, calculus, algebra. I did it all. I only had enough courage for two years at University but that felt like enough.
If we refresh ourselves with the quote from the very beginning, “I feel my many weaknesses, and know that some of these form a part of my strength…I am content to be an imperfect creature, so that I never lose the ennobling attribute of my species, the constant endeavour to be more perfect.” This simple basically talks about the importance of evolution. We have evolved as a species but we are washing out some of the qualities that makes our species the greatest. The ability to love unconditionally and the continuous quest for knowledge. Unlike other species we inhabitat the earth with we have a social and moral responsibility to take care of the Earth and each other. Somehow we took that to mean harvest the Earth, build higher, destroy its creatures and other beings and come out on top no matter the costs.
If there is any one quality that I have learned from both Mary and Samson was the ability to be humble and stay humble even when presented with greatness. Mary wrote great literary works and kept her husband’s spirit alive. She lost her son at 11 due to turberculosis, fought off the measles and outlived many of her friends. I am still learning as much as I can about Mary as I find her will and perservernace in that time to be exempliary. Samson had this enormous strenght that allowed him to fight of the Palestine’s. He always knew his purpose was to be the living example of God. He drew on his strenght to defend his people. Even with great power he stayed humble. He watched as his great love was murdered and stayed true to his journey. As in true Hollywood fashion the storey line never really develops and explores the depth in which Samson was. This just leads me onto a another learning path that I can’t wait to explore. To me it is important to continuous improve on myself. Through knowledge it helps reveal my weaknesses and helps light up the path that I am meant to be on. I am still embracing my role of educator and protector of my son. The love that we share knows no bounds. My hope is I also find a way to reconnect with my husband. I am hoping my desire to continuously educate myself will open up my eyes to how men truly work. Before my life took me down this path I did not explore who I was. It has only started a few years ago that my thirst for evolving myself has taken over. There is the greatest stillness one feels within you soul when you start to acknowledge the being in there. Maybe that’s what Mary Shelley’s message in Frankenstein, to awaken the beast within. Who are we to dictacte what true beauty should be and in fact only the truly humble will look past the exterior to realize the true beauty hidden underneath.

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