Mary Kay Ash: Why We All Need Some Pink in Our Lives

“To me, life is no brief candle,” she said, “It’s a splendid torch that I want to burn brightly before I pass it on to future generations!” “Miracles Happen: The Life and Timeless Principles of the Founder of Mary Kay Inc”, Mary Kay Ash.
When we hear the name Mary Kay we all associate with a cosmetic empire. We also see it as being a direct sales force that goes door to door. Now with the efficiency of social media it seems that we get overtaken with messages, friend requests from people we don’t know and every so often we all have that friend who is a little to in your face. No matter what your belief is with the Mary Kay Ash Legacy there is no denying that she built herself up from nothing. She is a living example if you live your life with passion there is no Mountain you couldn’t conquer. Originally Mary Kay desired to be a Dr. It was during an aptitude test that she discovered her hidden skill of being a Sales Lady. Not a simple feat for a lady in the 1960’s. Finding her and her storey fascinating I needed to learn more. In my thirst for knowledge I found myself reaching for this book as the principles she used to build an empire you can use to build your own. You can be your own CEO of you life. We have all the tools within us. Yes we may never be millionaires but we an live a happy, satisfying life that is in our grasp once we realize our full potential. Let’s explore deeper into the principles and philosphies of Mary Kay. I think there are all some skills we can take a way that can easily be adopted into our day to day life.

1. Be Driven: In the very first chapter Mary Kay talks about the four kinds of people in the world:
“Those who make things happen
Those who watch things happen
Those who wonder what happened
Those who don’t know what happened.” (Mary Kay)
The most important role we will ever have in our life is where we are an active player in our lives. Successful people are set apart by their drive, determination and with their objectives and abilities that they hare exploring. It is all living inside of us to determine what type of individual we are. Just because we may not be doing the things that we desire to do that doesn’t mean we can’t change the course. Set the course of your life for when you wake up in the morning you are awoken with a fierce, unstoppable energy. This is your life to live so live it with purpose.
2. Have a competitive spirit: Alot of individuals determine their success in different ways. You can do the same. We don’t have to be catty or selfish in our zest for living our life passion. Nobody can compete with what we have inside of us. Our competitive spirit can come from a thirst of knowledge, beating your personal best at a marathon, learning a new instrument. The goal here is be better than you were yesterday by your own measuring system. How can anybody tell you what your dreams are? If they could live in your dreams then maybe they are in more control than we could ever imagine.
3. Thinking like a woman: All to often we are not embraced for the heavenly creatures that we are. We still live in a belief system where women are more successful contributing to their families and communities but no more. The cut throat world of business was very much a man’s dominated world where women were encouraged to forgo wordly affairs and politics. Mary Kay encouraged women to embrace it all. That a woman is not only capable of caring for her family she is capable of doing it all. She was able to provide women all over the world the opportunity to find peace, happiness and success without having to sacrifice her role in her family. She found a way to enourage women to build each other up instead of cutting each other down. That success was determined when we all work together to reach a common goal. She was dedicated to helping women get paid what they were worth instead of being punished for wanting to help their families with low incomes and conflicting schedules. She was successful in her life as an entrepreneur, wife and mother because she knew the importance of having a plan and delegating responsibility. She knew the tasks that could be taken on by somebody else so she alleviated herself from that responsbility. Nobody is saying you have to do it ALL personally but you should make sure it all gets done. The same can be said for your life. Make a plan for where you want to see yourself in a year. After ones year time see how far you have evolved.
4. Beauty from within: Radiate the beauty that is within in you. When you are out in the World you are representing yourself. You represent who you are to the World within seconds of them meeting you. Just as we all have been guilty of judging somebody at first glance. You never know who you many meet so you always have to find the power within you to let it shine, no matter the circumanstances. The cruel reality is those that just meet us don’t want to here the real answer to “How is your day?” My own personal goal is to try to not to get too into my storey telling. I need to focus on the positive and if there is no positive let it end there. Don’t confuse this with being dishonest, the sales clerk doesn’t want to here that we just put our fuzzy feline to sleep, or that our husband yelled at us, a simple I am wonderful thanks, how are you will do. Always be warm, welcoming and geniune.
5. How to be successful in a Man’s World: Interesting enough Mary Kay suggests that if you are the only woman preset it is best to be quiet. Before getting in an uproar about speaking your mind let’s look into the reason why. It is not out of fear of what she has to say. Simply stated she knows that when she does choose to speak that she will captivate the men’s attention so anything she has to say must be on point. Unfortunately ladies in order to be taken seriously we still have to dress the part. We are ladies for a reason and embracing our feminity will always be a success. You can not deny how better you feel when you brush your hair, add a lippy, a coat of two mascara and a spritz of perfume (I have become perfume obsessed since reading Marilyn’s bio). Think about when you leave the house in leggins and pajama pants with your hair in a top bun. What happens when you run into somebody you know? You quickly hide behind the meat in the meat department and hope that your vegan friend doesn’t see you. Always dress for success and dress for the part in your life. We all have an exciting part to play I just want to help you discover your main character….YOU!!! It makes the most sense to have as much going on as possible. For myself my Pinup persona is my image. It is what is my driving force behind my non-profit. The more people who see me out and about as Sweet Ruby Bluez gives more people the opportunity to get to know who I am and what I do.
Mary Kary has a list of helpful don’ts:
“Don’t whimper, cry or pout to win a point;
Don’t be late;
Don’t be afraid to take a stand; and
Don’t ever lose your control or your level head” (Mary Kay)
Just imagine how applying these four simple don’ts into your day to day life. No matter if you are a career drive woman or a stay at home mom these are great tips to have in your arsenal.
A truly successful life is built on three guiding principles: drive, knowledge and execution. We should all have a bucket list of our lives. Things that we want to do learn and achiever. Most of us just live stagnate in our own lives. We work our jobs, spend time with family, maybe go on vacations but none of this makes us any better than we were before. The whole blessing of life is to constantly improve. Let’s take a mental snapshot of where we are in our lives today and see what we can do to add to our character over the next year.
6. Faith: Mary Kay was a very spiritual woman. She served God first, then her family, then her career. She knew that she could never out give God but she had faith that he would provide and lead her to where she needed to be. There is no denying what faith can do in ones life. In a world where violence, negativity and hate has taken over, we still need to find a way to have faith in our journey.
7. Make a plan: Of course the book is geared towards her journey and it serves to help her sales team to excel. Everything in her book can be applied to any direction of life. Every one can benefit from making a list of 5 things you would like to accomplish that day. As you finish a task on your list move on to the next. Items from yesterday’s list get moved to the next day. I like this idea of being accountable. It should increase efficiency in everybody’s life providing they are consistent and execute. A plan should also be manageable. Mary kay started that 5 o clock in the morning club. She found she was most efficient in these hours as the rest of the world was asleep. If you can adjust your eternal clock accordingly you can get most of your list done plus so much more just by adding in time that is just yours and yours alone.
8. Be positive in everything you do: The beauty of life’s journey is it is ours to live. It makes undeniable sense that the more positve, encouraging and efficient you are the more successful your desired income will be. You do not have to sell millions of dollars to be successful you just need to get active in your life. Being involved and setting small goals will help you get there. You don’t have to leave a legacy behind in order to determine your life course successful. Success is determined by the circle you keep and the words about you that are spoken. There may not be hundred of followers singing your praises but there will be at least one. Your life partner, your friends, family and anyboy you come across will welcome a more satisfied you. There is no denying the warmth we feel when we live a life that impacts others. With her welcoming and heartfelt personna she became a legend to many and provided hope for all that would listen to her storey. We all could use a little more pink in our lives.
Mary Kay discovered a poem from an anonymous poet on her travels to Australia. The words resonated through her and thought if captured the essence and intent towards her thousands of “daughters”. Over the years she would right this verse until one day the words and a magnificent sculpute graced the lobby of her corporate headquarters:
“On Silver Wings”
I have a premonition
That soars on silver wings.
It’s adream of your accomplishment
Of many wondrous things.

I do not know beneath which sky
Or Where you’ll challenge fate.
I only know it will be high!
I only know it will be great!

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