7 Gemini Characterisits (and a whole lot of other baggage)

If you are like me and born May 21 – June 21 you just may be a Gemini. For as long as I can remember I have always had this intense reaction when I told people my sign. Something about the twins really gets them amped up. Ohhhhhh! Is it your good side or bad side that has come out to play? Not to mention as a teenage girl I was on this constant bi-polar roller coaster of emotion. I guess in time it got alot easier to control my vast multitude of emotions. Looking back now I guess it is easy to see how I could have veered so far off course. I always new my life felt more of a Ying and Yang situation than anything. Deciding to look more into the spirit of Gemini and what makes us unique. I am hoping to uncover even more about myself as I progress through this pivotal time in my life.
Trying to outline the characteristics that make up my sign I found that even though they were specific I could see me being on both sides of the spectrum. What better way to start then looking at the 7 fundamental Gemini characteristics as outlined from this website: https://blog.prepscholar.com/gemini-traits
1. Adaptable: For the most part I am easily adaptable to the situation around me. I like to think that I can change easily depending on the situation. As I say this there are some unique circumstances where my high level of anxiety as come out to play. There is being adaptable and then there is being blind sided. I do not like the feeling of being set up so if that is the case I do have a tendency to shut down.
2. Outgoing: Being outgoing wasn’t something that came easy for me. I was enrolled in shy camp when I was 5 years old. My teachers noticed that I was incredibly shy and had a hard time making friends. It seemed the people I knew became my safety blanket and the rest of the World became a scarey unknowing place. I do love to talk and take a lot of pride in being able to adapt to many different social circles. Give me a minute and a can chat with you for hours. I love getting to know people know and hearing their stories. I humbly apologize to all those waiting in the grocery checkout behind me. I am sorry but I really was interested in what the cashier had to say.
3. Intelligent: It is hard to speak on ones intelligence as for the most part we think we are all incredibly smart. My desire to always be learning is something I only started to embrace recently. I love learning about different social norms and ideaologies. I wish I knew years ago how exciting it is to constantly be challenging yourself and your mind. At least I have the passion now but there was so many years wasted on superficial things that really have no relevance now.
4. Indecisive: Being indecisive comes from knowing too much. It is hard for a Gemini to committ as they are constantly weighing out their options. I know this feeling all too well. Don’t ask how I am married as I do have a fear of committment. And as far as asking where I would like to eat…if you plan on eating anytime soon it is best the decision making be left to you.
5. Impulsive: This one singular character trait can explain alot. My husband has recently been asking me if I have a spending problem now I can just tell him it’s not me it’s my astrological sign. Constantly changing our minds and going on a whim seems to be the way for most. We forget what we are doing and lose sight of our goals. I have seen this first hand for myself. I do far better when I write done my goals in a weekly journal. Without being held accountable (even to myself) I am easily distracted.
6. Unreliable: Although a negative trait apon reading the reasons why I would have to agree. Boring tasks are just that boring. If I am not being stimulated then there really is no point to that activity right? Not being able to committ and being easily distracted.
7. Nosy: Being nosy is just a trait left over from wanting to learn. As a Gemini we want to know it all!! Leave no stone unturned. The problem with divulging secrets is sometimes those secrets can be too juicy not to share.
Looking back on the years I guess I could say with almost 110% certainy I possess these characteristics of a Gemini. I was always intrigued about what the signs and stars had to say about me but that was only merely just a read for my daily horrorscope and then moved on with my day. Nevermind most daily scopes had the same general theme and were such a wide vast of what if that everybody was on the cusp of their best/worst year ever. Thinking now if only I took the time to explore the signs strengths and weaknesses maybe I would have saved some time. Time to do what I am not sure. Knowing that I would be easily bored and had a need to be constantly on the move. Also I think it would have saved me in the dating area as well. There was a time when I fully embraced my flighty, obnoxious attitude. If you didn’t like it beat it. I remember those exact words, “I am a Gemini what do you want from me.” It became my scapegoat for taking advantage of people and getting what I want. Who needs to play fair when you can play the game and come out on top.
Commonly other Gemini’s like to think that we don’t get along with each other. Two extremely opiniated individuals couldn’t possibly get a long could they? For me I just thought that we complemented each other just like a Ying and Yang would. Although I am extremely opiniated I am also very attentive and cautious with others feelings. This was never the case but something that I only have been more aware of lately.
You either a believer in the astrological signs or you are not. For me I am curious on learning anything about myself that might unlock the secret that might make me tick. I am no longer trying to find others that are going to conform to my ways. Being able to adapt and be sympathetic to those around me is a skill that I really want to perfect. I am very lucky and feel humbled to be a Gemini. Being able to possess two incredibly strong ego’s in one package is going to be incredibly helpful to reach all my goals. Even know as I write and I think of the course that I am embarking on I tense up with a little bit of nervous apprehension. The dream to help others and to provide a safer, healthier place for all is at the forefront of my mind. In 40 years I have accomplished nothing of the such. It embarasses me to think how selfish and immature I have been. Thinking to the people that I have hurt along the way is enough to make me want to curl u in a ball. We all have our demons and the sooner we come familiar with them the easier it will be to conquer them. Going through the top characteristics of what makes up a Gemini is helpful. I can see the weaknesses that I need to work on within myself. Being a stay at home mom/non profit entrepreneur I can only be accountable to myself. It makes it pretty hard for a flighty, indecisive Gemini as myself. Even looking back at the last couple months I can see the period of time where I had more success with my journey. At least know I know that for myself to keep me on track I need to write it down and follow up. Further to that I can have a chart to show how much funds I have raised so far. It may seem absurd for one to want to monitor their work in this way. Or maybe it doesn’t. Having a benchmark on where to at least gage how far you have progressed is ideal so you know where you can improve. Life is a trial and error and only a will and determination will help you get there.
Living my dream is something that I had no idea could be obtainable for me. I guess that is why I am committed to trying so hard. Knowing in life that we all share the same struggle makes it easier for me to want to write it down to serve not only as a reflection point for myself but maybe it will help somebody take the guessing work out of their own lives. This journey that we all share was never meant to be taken alone. Only in the presence of like minded beings can we succeed in the directional course that we have set our sites on. How can we expect others to have the same expectations as yourself if they are living completely seperate lives. There is absolutely no right or wrong way to exist. Where the uncertainty creeps in is how you look at yourself and others. The only person who can ever judge you is yourself. It is a really hard way to think but trust me when I say this the only persons who se opinion truly matters is that of yourself. At the end of the day you only have to be accountable for yourself and your actions. My dad always told me to treat others hows you wanted to be treated. I am certain we have all heard this before. The same now goes for yourself. Treat yourself the way you treat somebody you love. You would never go out an intentionally say rude or ignorant things to people so why do you say those things to yourself. Reflect on everything that makes you unique and you. Learn as much as you can. Adopt what makes snese to you and garbage the rest. This is your life and your journey you are free to express it in any way that you need. Don’t limit yourself. There is no time like the present to make a life change so do it!!
Now that I have a good grasp on some of my strengths and weaknesses I can work on the next directional course that my life will take. I am eager to get as much out as life as I can. To be able to share and walk amongst those that have the same values as me will be one of lifes greatest gifts. I felt like I have been walking in the darkness for far too long and now after all this time there it is…the light at the end of the tunnel. To finally feel at peace with all that has happened over this time is one of the most greatest feelings I have ever possessed. It makes me see that maybe the World, although huge is not that scarey when looked at in smaller parts. I know that when I take a look inside it all begins to make sense. I have found what makes my pulse quicken just as I have found out what makes the hair stand up on the base of my neck. Uncovering oneself in this way is something I strongly would recommend for everybody. We don’t need to be dictated too because in life there is nobody who could be in charge of ourselves but us. Conforming to any other social norm makes all those who fought before seem obsolete like their existence never mattered. For me all existence matters and their words should never be forgotten.

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