10 Character Traits of Great Leaders

With all that is going on around the world you would think that there should be more pressing news than Donald Trump. Waking up to yet again him behaving like nothing more than a spoiled 2 year old (and this I know mine is getting nearer to that age) it makes me wonder what is truly in store for the world. My forever quest of knowledge spans alot of genre of topics so of course it was bound to happen that eventually I would have to talk politically for a day. Media has splattered his face and his political parties all over the news. There surely must be something better to talk about then the lies that the US President has told and the poor deals that he has made. Why not talk about what qualities I good leader possesses that way maybe with can educate ourselves on why maybe Donald Trump wasn’t the post choice for that esteemed title and position.
Here are the 10 leadership qualities that every good leader should possess and implement as taken from https://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/10-leadership-qualities-every-leader-should-possess-kcon/
1. Vision: The main point that I derive from Trump’s presidency is his stance to make America great again. Other than reinforcing the military and to defend the safety and security of the nation. The problem with this vision is it’s so convulated and widespread that it has him attacking the freedom and speach of mankind. When women and children are forced to not only be seperated but having to sleep outside on the ground I wonder how great this vision really is. It is interesting to note that the 36th US President Lyndon B. Johnson had said, “to build a great society, a place where the meaning of man’s life matches the marvels of man’s labor.” How can we not respect a leader whose vision is one from actual experience. Not only did he learn compassion from his years of teaching students of Latino descent, he was a decorated lieutenant in the US Navy who served in World War II and he became the youngest minority leader in the Senate. These are skills that I would hope every great leader possesses. When a leader can fully understand where his people have come from then they can truly try to implement change. The fact that Johnson was Vice President servicing his country at the time when the Great JFK was assasinated it leaves me to question…where on Earth did we go wrong when Donald Trump is the one who is leading the US in the shadows of some of the greatest leaders of our time.
2. Communication: Rather than highlight the incompetencies that the Trump Government has shown over and over again (two Republicans crossing the floor). Lets once again compare to a time when the Federalists had to transfer power over to the Democratic Republicans. How is it that Adams and Jefferson were able to seemlessly transfer over power in a clear sign of respect and love for their country. If a leader can not even communicate with his friends (the people in his own party) how can we ever excpect that he will be able to properly communicate and negotiate with other nations that are demanding of his time. When you are a leader it is expected that you lead by example. When children behave better than what the President of the United States does it is definetly time for a change.
3. Listening: I am not sure if he does this. I have yet to see any photos of him with his mouth closed. He always has something to say even when he should be saying nothing at all. My mother always said if you have nothing nice to say say nothing at all. Somebody please tell Trump this. A good president should be listening to his people. All the people and not just the ones who voted him in. President Obama was a great example of this. More to that so was his first Lady Michelle. It would be hard to try and fill these shoes but Donald Trump didn’t even try. As for poor Melania she didn’t even attempt to put on Michelle’s. I am not sure if I feel respect for that decision or not. A strong woman should be an asset to her man and should serve more of a purpose than her looks. A lady should be well-rounded, well-spoken enter into the mix that you are a first lady of one of the most controversial presidency’s the world has yet to see you might want to be remembered for taking a stance to all of this going on. I know the public is hard on you and scream for your deportation so maybe let go of the hand of the man that you are holding (thats right he makes you walk behind him instead of beside like Barrack and Michelle) and stand amongst your people who want to love you.
4. Focus: The ability to focus on more than one thing in order to accomplish a single task is important. On any given day you can be stretched on a multitude of pressing tasks that require your immediate attention. As well focus should be on something that can be obtainable and doesn’t make you the subject of ridicule and in more cases shame. Is building a wall really your solution? Does anybody remember the Berlin Wall? It lasted from 1961 to 1989 and divided the East and West. Claiming the lives of 171 individuals it also saw 5,000 others making it to freedom. It was 12 feet tall and 4 feet wide and was reinforced with concrete. 600 guards manned the wall trying to stop the flow of people from East to West and were commanded to shoot on site. On November 9, 1989 the end of the Cold War was nearing and it was time for Germany to be reunited once again. I can’t tell you how many beers were drank while watching Pink Floyd, The Wall but I encourage you all to go and watch it. Imagine…a country that was seperated since 1945 now coming together add in a concert on top of that. The point is Trumps narrow minded focus on building something that has already proven to be a poor decision from all points just once again shows his inability to act in the best interests of a nation. I am also curious to know if his education plan included history. I can not express enough anything you need to know we have history to fall back on. Why as humans have we failed to see this. Learn grasshoppers learn you will see that the answers begin to unfold. Mankind has gone through this all before just now we are deciding that the falls of empires before us don’t apply. Now more than ever they need to when people in power have the ability of catastrophic proportions with just one button.
5. Responsibility: With a mantra of “never, ever admit fault” it is clear that not only will he never take responsibility for his actions and behaviour but wouldn’t that also stem to mean that he can’t be trusted. Part of being responsible is being able to admit when you are wrong. Isn’t this what we try to teach our children?
6. Competence: Part of being comepetent is to show educated judgement and execution. When he executed a travel ban against Muslims from 7 Middle Eastern countries it seemed he had no regard for the consequences of his actions. He must have known that this would enrage Muslims all over the world. More to that it would put American Citizens in direct fire from the extremesits he was trying to protect his citizens from. “Finally, what was the outcome of his executive order? Well, by any reasonable measure . . . not good. Not for the thousands of people and families who were disrupted by the order, and not good for Trump politically. Human suffering aside, Trump has positioned himself as an ignorant, cold-hearted and thoughtless fool. He has no concept of the constitutional, political, cultural, practical or moral implications of his order. To date, his approach to domestic and foreign policy is both reckless and improvisational” (as taken from https://www.dailyrepublic.com/all-dr-news/opinion/letters-editor/is-trump-competent-you-be-the-judge/)
7. Example: There is no greater example of a US President then President Reagan himself. He did more in the first 100 days than any. When even your critics mark you high for your stance on improving the Nation you know that you have done something right. Even while lying on his death bed he was able to make jokes. A leader is as only good as his people and Reagan was an exempliary model of one. Trump had is own agenda all along. He wanted to befriend Putin so badly that he was willing to sell the US down the river to do so. He went against the values and beliefs of his own party therefore spitting in the face of those leaders who served before him.
8. Development: I have seen no indication that Donald Trump has taken pride in his new role. In the shadows of greatness you think he would want to hold his own amongst them. His crass nature and the way he conducts himself not only in social settings but as a leader is appalling. To develop yourself as a leader it is more than just speaking loud and blaming others for your poor leadership. It is about learning from those before you and taking an initiative to be actively involved with your country and what it needs in order to thrive. Your job first is to serve the Nation in front of you. Haven’t you seen Sleeping with the Enemy? You may have the money in the end but it costs you everything to get there.
9. Inspiration: Who is more inspiring than George Washington. Winning by a landslide he was admired by many. When he was sworn into office he had every intention of making America great. He was an inspiration when it came to making the dreams of the American Government into reality. He inspired many and made even the smallest things precedent setting. It is embarassing to see somebody who cares more about his tan lines than preserving the legacy of all the greats who walked before him.
10.Action: The only thing that could possibly be said here is that the only positive action I have seen since coming into power was him providing his family with jobs. Everything about Franklin Roosevelts first 100 days serves as a benchmark for all other presidency’s. He restored faith in the US when they needed a leader the most.

“Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” George Washington
When we allow somebody with such wanton disregard to not only his friends but to his whole Nation as a whole we should begin to worry. Being able to stay humble even in times of fame and fortune will be the greatest quality one can possess. It allows you the ability to see the world from everybody’s eyes and not just your own. If we could only see the consequences of our actions maybe we can put the end of world suffering. To be in a position to make a difference in the world that so desperately needs our help is truly a sin. It seems more of our political leaders care more for the limelight then they do for their people. At least that is how it is here in the Westernized parts of the world. When we have Trump spewing hate on twitter and Justin Trudeau photobombing weddings I fear for the World we are leaving to our children. If only our leaders used their power for greatness instead of fame the world wouldn’t seem so scarey. As a stay at home mom I had to voice my opinion. At least that way I have made my peace with what is happening out there. I long for the day when a leader was remembered for the great that they did for their country instead of the insane leadership traits they possess now.

lincoln memorial
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