8 Moment’s in the 90’s That Helped Shape Who We Are Today

As a teenage girl there was no stopping my angst. Growing up in a time where Kurt Cobain, Billy Corgan and Eddie Vedder were the anthems of every tortured soul in pain. We found solace as the haunting words and images came to life and began to express our anguish in ways that we were only began to understand. The beginning of the 90’s saw the birth of the world wide web. The accessbility of a nation was to change in ways that we could never understand. In a time where all things digital was being created I remember it being a fun and exciting time. Computer classes where done on the these old Mac computers. I remember the green flashing cursor of the DOS based system that they were trying to teach us. Could you imagine? I was growing up in a time where technology as we knew it was about to change. It’s incredulous to think just how far we have come.
1. The evolution of the World Wide Web changing the way we viewed the World. As a teenage girl the most important thing one was consummed with was the next copy of Teen Beat. Selfies were non existent so we were literally the last generation to grow up with that ideaology that we are only as good as your looks. Yes of course we all had our crowds but as far as the traditional heirarchy of the school went we were only competiting with each other and not the magnitude that the world now is. I remember the anxiety of having my hair just so and finding the perfect outfit to impress the maybe 100 kids in my school. Fast forward to now and not only are you being judged but your classmates but in the age of social media we are able to ruin a young girl’s reputation before the first morning bell even rings. The sheer amount of pressure that now exists because of the strong scale of worth that we have imposed. We have designed a world where intelligence seems to have taken a back burner to the possiblity of being a social media star. Maybe this is the greatest gift we have to give to our daughters. We know first hand the changes that the accessibility of the World Wide Web has had on shaping the future of the World. Maybe if we can instill the gift of giving our children the desire to learn and improve who they are on the inside we will start to see a more forgiving and knowledgeable world.
2. It is embarassaing to show the world that after 20 years we still are as ignorant as ever when it comes to seeing that in this World at the end of the day we are all worthy of the same treatment. With the Rodney King verdict and the LA riots we began to view people in authority as crooked and self serving. The images of horror that were seen all over the world when an innocent man was over taken by cops began to change the way that the World viewed the US. Yes on one hand the US eventually had an African American present but I wonder if maybe this served a higher purpose. Maybe it was just a symbol to show the World that they weren’t racist. Fast forward to know when you have a President trying to erect a wall between Mexico and US it seems that we have learned nothing from the volatile riots of the 90’s.
3. The first Muslim radical attacks began in February of 1993. This is when terrorism was first beginning to be seen as a potential threat. How is it that a small cell of terrorists were able to detonate 1,200 pounds of dynamite in the underground of the World Trade Center but it took over 10 years for a terrorism plan to be put into place. The 90’s seem to be a time of forks in the road. We lived in a very contreversial time where the signs of the future formation of the world were in front of us. Instead of taking the time to nourish and grow we went for instant gratification and now we are suffering with the consequences of those actions.
4. The 90’s also was the beginnings of the US being lead by smooth talking president’s who over shot and under promised. The world had no choice but to notice that the Presidency in power was a smooth talking cassonova who knew how to work the media and therefore keeping political control over the nation.
5. It was also a time when we saw that even our athletic demi gods were at risk for falling from grace. We saw the chase and the trial of football superstar O.J. Simpson. I can remember where I was after all these years when the verdict was read. The 90’s was definetly a time when we were forced to take a look at race and priveledge. Their were a lot of defining moments that came out of the 90’s and shaped who we are today. We do have alot of exposure to what our nation and children are facing today. It’s sad to take note that as a civilization we haven’t progressed in anyway. There is still alot of fear derived from race and this just seems incredulous to me.
6. Where would we be without rap music. The generation of music that evolved out of the 90’s gave alot of us hope. We were surrounded by artists that wanted to take a stand on the issues that surrounded the nation and bring to the forefront what it was like living in the streets at that time. They brought to the airwaves the issues that plagued them and why the world needed to take notice. It was no wonder that out of all this assinations started to take place as the battles between superstars clouded judgement as emotions ran wild. All you have to do is listen to the words Of B.I.G and 2 Pac to see they addressed contreversial issues.
7. MTV brings The Real World into our living rooms and with it Pedro Zamora. Having a group of young individuals living together in a NYC apartment the explored alot of hot button topics in the media at the time. Discussing topics such as sexuality, abortion and HIV they began to make a community of individuals who normally would feel isolated from the rest of the world.
8. You weren’t truly growing up in the 90’s until you saw an episode of an iconic American Sitcom. We were all waiting for the weekly episode of Seinfeld or Friends. They changed the way we viewed modern relationships and explored the possibility of dating, changing careers and even sex. The 90’s made it ok to be 30 and single. The world was viewed as our oyster giving us control of how we wanted to shape our future. The 90’s was also the birth of crude cartoons such as The Simpson’s, Ren and Stimpy and South Park etc.
It’s interesting to see how even the smallest of things we took for granted growing up in that time was the basic framework for how we would eventually viewed the world. With this arsenal of information at our fingertips I think it is time for our generation to stand up and take notice of the lack of change that has been passed down from year to year. We don’t have to take responsibility for the whole world changing just the way we handle ourselves in ours. The beauty of life is we all have freedom of choice and although we may view it as a needle in a haystack what we have to say and how we view the world is important too. I think too much time has been spent living in a world that we have seen turns our backs on us time and time again. We still live with fear in our streets. There is always at least one person in our communities who is afraid to embrace who they are for all that they are. We have shamed them into thinking this way. In a world where are children are growing up being ridiculed for things that they don’t understand nor should have an understanding of as they are just coming into themselves there is a definite need for change. We were so quick to wanting to have the world at our fingertips we neglected to forsee how this would have a direct impact on the next generations. A healthy level of desire and change should always be instilled in our youth. I see that desire was in all of us when we were younger. We took for granted of the time that we were growing up in. We weren’t scared of our neighbors yet or walking the streets at night. We could fall asleep as parents knowing that our children were safe at a friends house. The World Wide Web has made it so instant gratification is at the forefront of everybody’s brains and accessibility is out of control.
A healthy balance is a must but I am not sure how to get there now that we have overshot the goal. Computers are vastly over taking the way we handle ourselves in social settings. With the age of information being at our fingertips so is the rate at which it travels around the world. Not only can we look in on the World from satellite images we have GPS trackers set on our phones. We have become consummed with knowing what others are doing at all times and are working towards a time where we are forgetting to look within ourselves first. Without self reflection where your opinion is the only one who should matter we live in a time where not only millions but billions of individuals can rip us apart in minutes. If you have never seen a gang of haters on one person’s pictures it would be hard to understand what this is all about. We live in a time where one picture can receive thousands apon thousands of insults with just one or two individuals leading the pack. Think torches and pitchforks just like in the 1800’s when the whole town would run out one individual. Only know we can do this without even leaving our couch. In fact we can publicly shame and humilate anybody we want without even revealing who we are. We live in a World where you no longer have to be held accountable for anything you say or do anymore. I see more heartbreak than ever due to the WWW that was supposed to bring us all together. It is actually doing the exact opposite of what it was originally intended for.
Oh the 90’s a decade on the cusp of potential greatness. There was so many forks in the road along the way. Those who lived it know the ones that I am talking about. One can only wonder what the world would have been like if we looked ahead into the future instead of being overtaken by all the lights and cameras that came with accessibility.
As my generation continues to grow older and come into its own we are finally defining who we are. We have a desire to constantly be connected, little or no desire to marry, and wary of institutions and politics. We are also deeply aware of the things that divide us and bring us together as a generation. To be growing up in some very controversial times of our nation it is no wonder we have become consummed with just surviving without a deeper reflection with who we are on the inside. We are constantly being controlled and dictacted through all types of media it is a wonder we are having trouble being able to define who we are as a generation. There is no doubt in my mind that these defining moments in history have helped define who we are today and changed how we started to view the world.

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