Freedom? Obsolete or Real?

Every 12 to 18 months computers double in their capabilities. That is the speed at which technology is advancing. In a world where speed and gratification are at the tips of everybody’s tongues the question needs to be asked are we even still relevant? When the newest cell phones, x-box’s or even the way we remember are being streamed to us on a continuous basis it is a wonder how it is that we haven’t made ourselves obsolete. Gone are the days when we explored each others raw talents to celebrate each others unique differences. In its place is a world where we are being replaced and sooner or later we will no longer be required.
We live in such a beautiful time and place where the ability to express and explore what makes us unique should be at the forefront. The battles that those have fought before us are still simmering. The flame of hate has been lying dormant waiting for just the right time to be fanned and take over. With the popluation looming to out of control portions now is more important than ever to live in balance. We are constantly told to like certain things and feel certain ways and in a world where we are made to believe that we have freedom we are being forced to conform to this idealogic way of thinking that is not damning to our spirit but to society as a whole.
The constant theme throughout time has always been the one about freedom. When the evils of the world rose up to try and impose their closed way of thinking we had had brave men and women who stood up to them and fought for us. Without even knowing who we were to be they fought for us. They wanted to imagine a world where we were free to live out our lives in the safety of our home and communities. They sacrificed their whole lives to make our betters. Even the ones that made it home were scared from what they had to see. How is it that in times that were deplorable but necessary in order to pave our future we take for granted? I live in a time where the only time that they want to change is the history that happened in a time before. We are dissecting the messages of our forefathers to read out the way that we need it to. Take for example Sir John A MacDonald. Without his dedication and vision of Cananda we would have been swallowed up by the US. Fast forward 200 years and we have now taken action to try and wipe out our first President from history. We do no care that 200 years ago it was a different time. For most people this was their first exposure to diffa different culture and a different way of being. Ignorance is what leads us to decide that Sir MacDonald is not worthy of the life he lead based on the stories that are being brought forward. How sensitive are we as a nation that this is something that we feel needs to be done. We have one of the biggest racists leading an even bigger nation but the threat of what a few words were said a few hundred years ago has in an uproar. If this is what has finally brought some Canadians to their knees I would encourage you to dig deeper into the history of our country and maybe dissect events rather than speeches because even the language can be beyond our understanding.
Our ability to think freely is at a stalemate. If we aren’t being told by social media what the topic of the day is we don’t now what it is we strive for. We tend to let the masses dictate the person that we want to be. For the weaker mind it is easy to lose yourself in large groups of people. The negative, nervous energy surrounds you as you look for your place in time that makes sense. Like the tree falling in the woods does anybody here it? Just like are we truly even living if social media doesn’t see it? We all know that feeling we get when somebody we frequently see posting on social media has suddenly poofed into thin air. Some of us don’t even know the phone number of those we keep company with because we keep tabs through social media. Social media can do everything for us while keeping a record of everything we do. Every place and time that we are in we are asked to rate and give feedback on the experience. It is like if we aren’t constantly getting constant attention and recognition thatn our lives never existed. It is hard not to think that there is a group somewhere out there playing pupateer with our emotions. Whenever the world gets a sense of calm then something else has come along to pull at our strings. Take this new anti-abortion law. This is now the time we live in. How is it possible that the power behind all of this is a man. A man who has never known the pain of rape and abuse or the torture that enters one mind when faced with the decision that comes with this form of abuse. When we live in a time where a woman is constantly being told her opinion, her personal opinion on what is done to her body is taken away. There has to be an exception to all of this. Why should a poor innocent child who was born into this world in the most violent of ways be forced to exist. Even that child if given the choice would probably choose a different experience in which to enter the world. I remember when I was 13 years old and I was a victim of rape. The hardest moment in time is the one in which you spend in your own head. Telling my father the nature of what had happened in order for me to end up in the state that I was in was definetly not a soothing experience. My mind at 13 was still forming and I couldn’t imagine having to have made a choice at that young of age. What you think is possible at that age is just a dream. For the women who stepped up (dare I say girls) and accepted their challenge of motherhood at a young age I admire you. My cards were different. My dad had insisted that my education was important and without that I woyldn’t amount to much. So on the eve of my summer break from Grade 9 I found myself in surgery taking care of a situation that at the time was beyond my control. I remember the original consultation and remember the Dr telling me that I was lucky to be living in a time where I had the choice. Years before it was a law that you needed to petition the courts in order to have one granted. that was almost 30 years ago and it seems we have spun out of control. Trust me when I say I also hate the women who use this as a method of birth control and maybe those ladies should be stopped. If there is anything that we should learn that needs to be learned that we can’t be punished for the actions of one even though in society we know that to be the opposite. With social media it is easy to become the angry mob with torces and pitchforks.
I have been reading alot to try and wrap my head around what is happening in the world. I read all genres in a vast array of topics. It is my attempt to stay relevant even though I am reading from books that were written hundred of years ago. What I find shocking is the same sorts of evils that we were fighting back then we are still fighting to this day. The only thing that we have advanced is the means in which the messages carry. Freedom of thought is explored only as a tool to help suppress. We have become a oblivious to our lives and the way that we interact with each other. Face to face contact is being replaced by all things technology. It’s like we have found every exscuse in the book not to come together. The only times we come together is in order to make a change. Whenever there is a large gathering of people you can be sure that it is for a cause or to stand up and take notice.
The only way to stay current is to stay relevant for what i needed in your life. You can be an active player in it once you remeove the outer layer and take a look at what is inside. I used to live in fear too. Scared to be out in the world that I thought was constantly judging me. And it is, the world will always judge and we will judge it too. I found my armour and everyday I make sure that it gleams in the sunlight and that I take care of it. I arm myself with good intentions and in good deeds because that is the language that the Universe understands. I understand that even though I maybe only a small piece I am THE most important piece in this game of life. The only conversations and actions that we regret are the ones that we didn’t have. If you are thinking and saying it then it must be at the forefront of your mind and therefore it must be expressed. In order to stay current you mustn’t fixate on those things that you can’t change. I wish we could impact the actions and feelings around us but I have come to realize that this will never be. I don’t want to be a dictator and bark orders to a crowd a people. I appreciate the value of choice and that we are free to express ourselves in the nature that speaks to us. There really is no need to spew words of hate because all that does is show us how we stalled as a nation. I wish the world was this beautiful place where we can accept the fact that we are beings that are free to move in the way that makes us feel complete. We don’t need an army of followers to make us feel successful. We just needs ourselves in order to be that change. We can leave a positive lasting impression to all those that we come in contact with. That is how the species of mankind can evolve. We need to see that although we are the most important being in our space, our health and success of our life is dependant on that. We need to change the way we grade success and change it to intangible moments instead of tangible wants. When we realize that the world is a better place for the unique way we all get to live our lives. That without change and the ability to adapt we stop evolving as a human race. To me it seems we may have already stopped. The way that most people have chosen to express themselves is through social media and the world wide web. There is nothing more alarming to think that as a generation look at what we are leaving behind…a stream of selfies and tide pod eating all to reach what society has pre-determined as success. There is no pride in leaving the nation in the way that we have. Maybe all that we can hope for is that we raise our children in such a way that they will learn to evolve as a species instead of conforming. Maybe it is time we explore what it truly means to be free and not to be scared to relearn the skills that we should have acquired long ago.

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