7 Ways to Ward off Negative Energy (and harness your inner being)

Morning. That period of time before any words are spoken and your mind is still buzzing from the dreams and thoughts that occupied your mind all day. The processing of thoughts allows us to filter out the negative and in some circumstances we are able to present ourselves with a more positive outcome for the future. The fiber entwined of every being runs such that it attracts what it becomes. With the ever growing cloud of negativity that clouds over most days due to the fast pace nature in which we now receive news, now is more important than ever to surround yourself with those being that compliment your being.
Yesterday was a day filled of missed understanding and entitlement. Trying not to get to invested or involved it looks like maybe that I do not care. I guess when it comes to negative energy the only way that I have learned thus far to counter it is to ignore it.
Here are 7 ways to protect yourself from negative beings.
1. Set and enforce limits: There is a fine line between lending a compassionate ear and listening to somebody carry on about every little negative thing in there life. In the same way that you wouldn’t bear witness if your friend was engaging in life threatening behaviour the same rings true for when they are running a muck in an emotional tirade. If you find it hard to distance yourself from this vortex of negative energy try asking your friend how they intend to fix the problem. Tailoring the question so that they take a step back (and maybe a breath) will help steer the conversation in a more positive direction. Your time and energy is valuable so be mindful on how you spend your time. By setting limits you ensure that you surround yourself with the best possible energy opening up the doors for more greatness just ahead.
2. Respond mindfully – don’t just react: We have all said something then apon reflection we feel embarassed for our words. It stretches as far to include texts, emails…any way that we communicate with each other. This tidbit of information I wish I had for my younger self. My tongue was silver tipped and my bloodd ran lava hot. Clear thinking was not my friend and many a battles of been lost and won due to this. What I found to be most helpful was the count to 10 taking deep breaths. If at all possible begin to clear your mind. You may look a fool but you will become a bigger fool without clarity. True strength is the ability to be bold enough to walk away with your head held high. Nobody feels good when their self expectations have been lowered to the point where they need to be scraped off the floor.
3. Introduce lighter topics of discussion : We all have the one topic of discussion that just sets us off. Think of specific people are habits that you have that no matter there will be no winners. In our family it is my husband’s smoking. Since the day I met him he has been talking about this glorious day when he was going to get. It started with as soon as we get our own place, get married, have our son, son’s first birthday, moving into our house. You get that picture. It is true what Garth Brooks said, “tomorrow never comes” for my husband this 100% true. Any time he gets mad at me, let’s say for shopping. I just point out exactly how much money he wastes on cigarettes and its a moo point (stealing from friends because nothing is as funny as Joey saying its a moo point because cows don’t care). And just for all those alpha’s out there that support their households, shopping for me is a necessity if you have been following along I am an entrepreneur and pinup enthusiast. In fact I just registered for two contests out in BC (I love competing, travelling and meeting new girls. I am trying to convince my hubby to enter one more out of province contest but we will see how that goes).
4. Focus on solutions not problems: I never thought that me starting my own non profit and my personal growth will help me get out of the negative bubble that I was in. It’s not that I had a negative spirit but the weight of the world started bringing me down. Seeing all the hurt, abandoned and left for dead animals of the world really made me sad. Having my foster animal pass away didn’t help with all this either. Even when Herbert (the cat who inspired it all) passed away I sure did wallow on my negative energy. I knew exactly what memory to conjure up to bring on the tears. I felt that by me actively grieving it brought me closer to lose. It was through my desire to change the course of my life that I begin to open my eyes to the solutions. There is no state of grief that will fill the hole that is left when somebody we love lives us behind. What we have is these creative pockets of time that we can fill with artistic elements that will help the fill the void. I can attest to our ability to control the thoughts from over taking us. The smaller more consistent steps you take the more likely it is you will achieve success. Slow and steady will win every race as long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other.
5. Maintain a level of emotional detachment from other peoples opinions of you. This is by far one of the hardest skills to acquire for anybody. When the measure of success and adequacy comes from your own measuring stick you are able to determine your own happiness. Imagine a world where we no longer ask, “How do I look in this?” because we already know that we look and feel great. Dressing should be for what makes us feel good and is free to be an artistic expression of what lays inside. When you allow others to determine your worth you are also handing over your happiness to them as well. Food for thought: You are never as good as what they say you are when you win just as you are not as terrible as you think you are when you lose. Negative people have something that is wrong with them and they only feel better when they burden somebody else with their drama. We all know those beings that I am talking about. They genuinely have nothing nice to say ever. Unless it is of course them fishing for compliments. You need to become your own best friend. Your measure for happiness. Believe in yourself and the world will become your oyster.
6. Let go of the desire to change other people’s negative tendancies: Take my husband’s smoking. I have long gave up the idea that he is going to quit. I have accepted that behaviour. The one thing that I constantly struggle with is the lies he tells constantly about it. I used to smoke so I know the power that it can have over somebody. Addiction is a powerful hold on people and until they are ready to break that bond there is nothing we can do unfortunately. All of our fights start from the lies that are being told in order for him to continue smoking.
7. Dedicate ample time in each day for self care: The most important person you will ever meet will be you. In the moments of great despair you are always the one constant. Taking care of yourself first is the most selfless act of love you can do. When you radiate positive energy and purpose that infects those around you. We have all been witness to the happy bubbly individual who bounces in on a conversation. In a group of negative energy beings you can see her smile quickly fade and her brow crinkle up. Usually the individual who dedicates the time to her own self care and valuing system will usually find a way to exscuse herself and leave. Happy individuals gravitate towards each other as they know the true value of time comes with a life well lived. It would be hard to live a life well when you are constantly been dragged down. Negative people just like ourselves want to travel in packs. There will always be safety in numbers and that is why people with similiar interests gravitate towards each other. Being able to lower our inhibitions in order to bask in our true selves will be its own reward for a life well lived. Everything is possible and it becomes more clear when you spend the time getting to know yourself as you would a stranger.
We spend so much time alone that we convince ourselves that we know all of our likes, wants, and needs. How many times in life have we made revisions to our lists of things that make us tick. Have we just added on to the list our have we genuinely made changes? We hang onto memories like we are scared that we can’t create more. There is no shame when you outgrow those around you. You would be doing each other a disservice if you continue on the path that you are on. It is hard to let go of the warm fuzzies but sometimes it hurts more holding on. This has been a common point of contention as I continue to explore the inner being that has been laying dormant for all these years. Commonly I refer to her as my inner child. Trying to protect her and her values I turned my back on who I was to try and be somebody I was not. I spent so much time trying to impress the wrong people to live this life that I thought would be admired by others. I forgot to ask myself what is the life look like of somebody that I aspire to be? Why can’t I make the necessary changes to become somebody that I respect and adore. I have all the necessary tools and skills at my fingertips. Everything I need to change my world is right here. I can be that positive force that wants to see change just like I can be that positive resource for those of you who are just beginning to transform your being into your true divine self. I think we need to shed the idea that feeding our inner self first is vanity and being self absorbed. I am in no way talking about the outward reflection we see in the mirror. I am talking about the essence and soul that makes our heart beat when we rise. I am talking about empowering each other for the good that we emit into the world and help put a stop to not only the negative self talk that we are a part of daily but to help stop others talk down to themselves as well.
We control our energy just like we control our destiny. Nothing in life worth having is going to come easy. It is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication to get to where you want to go. The most important quality of anybody in control of their destiny is to not steam roll through those around you. We are all these beautiful beings waiting for the right opportunity to blossom. Some of us have waited longer than others. There’s a rare flower “corpse flower” that blooms only a few times in it’s life. This rare beautiful flower attracts many to partake in its splendor. Imagine everybody’s surprise when they find out that it is also one of the smelliest flowers on the planet. What I am trying to say is you can take year perfecting the way you look on the outside but if you are putrid on the inside you will prevent many from wanting to enjoy in the beauty that is you.

photo of white purple and blue smoke
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