Month: June 2019

The Price for Freedom

The haunting images take over the internet as the realization that some still fight for freedom takes residency in my head. In a world that is supposed to be more advanced both on a technological and on a human level it is hard to let the reality sink in. We are all familiar with the […]


5 Steps to Managing Depression

I am a firm believer that to some degree we can manifest our destiny. Some will say that this idea is absolutely ridiculous and of course on some level it is because if we could all will ourselves to be successful, famous, billionares we would be. What I am talking about is that peaceful feeling […]


Life and How it Defines Me

Life. It has never meant to be easy or to be that forgiving. So many of us take for granted the beauty of aging and forget to appreciate the small moments that make living so great. I wish there was a magic wand that I could wave to make certain moments that we experience dissappear. […]