My 3 Birthday Wishes to the World

“The journey is never ending. There’s always gonna be growth, improvement, adversity; you just gotta take it all in and do what’s right, continue to grow, continue to live in the moment.”
-Antonio Brown

We all want to believe we are something bigger than ourselves. We uncover these finite moments in time with infintie possibilities and try to interpret it to fit into this mold that best suites our needs. Somewhere along the line possessions have over taken feelings and we as a society are left to suffer. Grasping the agents that numb are senses and lift us away to a time and place that isn’t so threatening. The passage of time is driving us farther away from who we need to be and down a darker period where nothing makes sense and we are driven by fear instead of compassion and light that the world so desperately needs.
The people we once knew who are now so driven are just these shells. The concept of being is becoming obsolete. It is a very unique time in which we live. We preach of freedom but we are also living in fear. If you live a life full of purpose and goodwill why would there ever be the need for retaliation. It shouldn’t be a matter of who started it, it should now be who is the bigger person to put an end to it. I am talking about the people in our World that are in a position of power. This is the World we are talking about. Every decision they make will directly impact 195 countries and now almost 8 billion people. I guess when you look at the larger picture it would seem almost impossible to make that many people happy. The goal should be to minimize the impact these decisions have on the World while focusing on the greater good. It is hard not to become jaded or want to shelter ourselves from the World. It has also become increasingly harder to establish a confidant that you can have for the duration of your being. Somebody who knows you inside and out and who sees you for who you are. Imagine a World where we no longer have to put on a mask or armour to shelter us from those who somehow believe that they are more worthy of a life well lived. Imagine a World where we care about our neighbors no matter who they are or what they provide to the World.
In a World full of entitled beings I have a few Birthday wishes that I would like to see in the next 40 years of existence:
Wish #1 I would wish for all the citizens of the World to be humble. When you are able to look through the eyes of your fellow man you are able to appreciate that we all have come from the same place. Maybe the hand that one was dealt was way more complicated than you could ever imagine. Imagine that person in front of you has a baby. Stripped of all basic life skills the only human desire that is left is the desire to be held, nurtured and accepted. We were all young once. Somewhere along the line we looked down a different path. Maybe we wanted to try something different, maybe we got pushed down. There is no reason to assume that your life now means something more than that being in front of you. Maybe you are fortunate and you have never had to struggle a day in your life. Just know that sometimes we all don’t have that luxury and it is beyond our control. Not every being out there had a choice. Sometimes pivotal moments are thrust apon us. Take my husband’s past demons. At the time time when he prescribed oxy’s it was a very common thing for Dr’s at that time to do. This was the start of the epidemic that is stealing our youth at alarming rates. This is the World I am now raising my son in. My husband never meant to cause so much pain and suffering to his family but because of a means of pain management his life began to spiral out of control. He betrayed those that love him most. The pain that an addict leaves behind is evident and it would seem almost impossible for one to get clean. The desire to live a happy productive life is there but it is the judgement who from those that don’t understand your journey that forces an addict to relapse. Why try so hard in a World that doesn’t understand. Some times the numbing release is all one needs to move past what they are going through after they have had every door slammed in their face. Unfortunately we live in a time where the Pharmeceutical monsters are in control of their fate. We live in a world where 130 people a day die of opiod overdoses contrast that with 800,000 people committing suicide a year. The use of opiods to numb pain and to forget the World that has already forgotten you is very common. The sad reality is that it is usually recreational users who are getting taken from us. We need to shed our exterior and realize that this is bigger than ourselves maybe if we are able to recognize that this is bigger than what we can handle on our own. If only we could take a look inside of ourselves and see that the way the outside world is reacting is to the energy that we are putting out. Nobody is no more better than the next person we are all equal.
Wish #2 that our value in society is no longer determined by the size of our house, the car that we drive our the vacations that we go on. We should do onto others as we would want done onto ourselves. A prime example is today after my bake sale at the Pet Value Heritage in Calgary, Alberta I was stopped at a red light. I am always one to check my hair for flyaways, lipstick etc. Today there was a homeless man walking between the cars looking for money or food. It has long been believed that most are only looking for money so normally I don’t engage in conversation. This time however I had a whole tray of baking. I know that at the end of the day a few cookies and rice krispie treats probably don’t amount for much but it is all I had to offer. The look of gratitude that he had just that I simply wanted to talk to him. His skin was weathered from the elements and he look very hot and tired. I was very excited when he accepted my offer. To see him smile was worth the effort it took for me to engage with him. My younger self would have let the stereo types of the World influence my decison to leave my window rolled up and the the stereo loud. Today my approach was different. I saw him for the human that he was desperate for any sign of compassion. I wish I could do more and hopefully in time maybe I will be blessed enough to pay it forward. I have all that I need in this life to be comfortable so it is time to see each other for what we truly are. There was a time when we were all young, impressionable and desired to see change in the world. As children everybody had the potential to be our friends. We didn’t care what their parents did for a living all we saw was somebody who shared a common interest with us and that was enough to cement a bond. I wonder when the exact moment come when we decide that for whatever reason somebody is worthy of better treatment.
Wish #3 is that I wish we could all see the true value of a moment. If only we could see the impact that a moment in time has on the way we determine the way we live our lives. We all rush around like we have somewhere better to be. Like the company we keep can always be improved so we are always looking for the next quick score instead of appreciating the moment. Maybe it takes complete and utter devastation before we take the time to truly slow down. Wherever I am in my life and in that moment is where I focus all my attention on. I fully absorb my surrounding and the beings and entities that I may find myself in company with. Every second is an opportunity. An opportunity to learn, to make an impact to make a difference in somebody’s lives. I am allowed to reiterate that I truly do wish that the World could see the value of taking a deep breath, to process to fully be swept away in the moment.
If I had 3 wishes that is what they would be. But if I only could be granted one Birthday Day it would be #3. Life as we know it can change in one moment. A prime example I can think of is one that happened over 2 decades ago. One of my sister’s friends was getting ready to meet her swim class for their last day of instruction. She had bought and wrapped gifts for each and every youngster because that is just who she was. She was one to celebrate all of lives victories with you. She was a ray of sunshine in a World that can sometimes be to cruel and harsh. Her smile was infectious as it lit up the room for all to see. That morning as she rushed to get ready she packed up her car and headed for the door. Whether or not the next part is true it is hard to know but the ending is the same. As she rushed out the door the phone rang, not wanting to keep her class waiting she rushed out the door and hurried off. Not even a minute later her car crossed the double solid at the exact time as another vehicle. The reason for the distraction was that the gifts that she had gotten for the kids in her class had shifted in the back seat and she had reached behind to straighten them. Two moments happened in this giant Universe to make her journey come to an end. For no other reason then simply it was just her time. I learned very early on that rushing was not the way to go. I have always believed that somehow when it is your time it just is. There is no rhyme or reason to why things happen the way that they do. The only thing in our control is the way we value and appreciate the things that enter into our lives. Even with the animals we choose to save some are getting on in age. The idea that odds are in their favour that they will leave this World before I do. The fear of heartbreak will never stop my life from entwining with these loving beings. I take very special notice of the ones that need extra special care. It becomes incredibly easy to just bask in a moment when you are surrounded by so much love. These small pockets in time are enough to make even the darkest days worth it. The ability to see yourself in the most humblest of lights while trying not to be jaded by the hardships of the World becomes a talent. It’s a skill that one acquires after countless pivotal moments that bring you to your knees. In those moments that you scream out in anger Why!!! you can be comforted in the same moments when you realize that you are not in this journey alone.
“We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.”
-Orson Welles

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